Monday, September 15, 2014

The Lesson - How can I prepare to receive temple ordinances? - What I Did

Again, sorry, you guys; this is just going to be the handouts.  They do correlate with the lesson plan.  I just don't have time to rebuild lesson plans - I'm trying to get them all up before chemo #2 this Thursday.  Time is of the essence!

Making the Temple a Part of Your Life

Directions:  As you read the article from the Oct. 2010 Liahona, in the space below, make a list of suggestions you find on how to make the temple a part of your life.   After you've made your list, choose something from it that you want to work on.  We'll just share the lists, but not the personal thing you have decided to work on.

Preparation Stories

Harry's Dad

Harry watched as four men pushed a blue sedan into his father's repair shop.  The men, all dressed in suits and ties, said to Harry's father, “Our automobile stopped.  We don't know what's wrong.  Can you help us?” 

Within a half hour, the car was running; the four men were happy and drove away.

Harry and his father exchanged smiles.  “Dad,” Harry said admiringly, “you know everything about cars.”


Bob is a high school sophomore who usually is late for his classes and very seldom has done his homework.  His pencil almost always has to be sharpened after he arrives, and he often comes to class without the proper textbook.  Each Friday in his English class, students are required to bring a pen and theme paper in order to write a composition, but Bob usually forgets to bring them. Bob needs help!

The Ten Virgins

Jesus told a story about ten young women who went to a wedding.  They waited at the door for the bridegroom to come and let them in.  They didn't know just when He would come.

The ten women had oil-burning lamps.  Five of the women were wise.  Besides the oil in their lamps, they had extra oil with them.

The other five women were foolish.  They had only the oil that was in their lamps.

The bridegroom did not come for a long time.  All of the virgins fell asleep while they waited.  When all the oil in the lamps was gone, the five wise women trimmed (put extra oil into) their lamps.  The five foolish women asked the wise women to lend them some of their oil, but the wise women couldn't, because then they wouldn't have enough.  The five foolish women had to go buy more oil.

While they were gone, the bridegroom came.  He let the five wise women in the door.  They went to the  wedding.

When the five foolish women returned, the door was closed.  They could not go to the wedding.

Quote #1:

You can prepare by attending the temple regularly to participate in baptisms for the dead, by participating in a temple preparation seminar organized by your bishop, and by studying the scriptures and the articles in this booklet.
You can also prepare by living the Lord’s standards of temple worthiness. Nurture your testimony of God the Father and of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel. Obey the Word of Wisdom and the law of chastity. Sustain your Church leaders, pay a full tithing, and attend your Church meetings. Be honest in your dealings with others, and ensure that your family life is in harmony with the teachings of the Church. Keep your baptismal covenants so that you will be ready to receive the higher covenants of the temple.

                 Ensign, Oct. 2010

Quote #2:

I recommend that members going to the temple for the first time read entries in the Bible Dictionary that are related to the temple, such as “Anoint,” “Covenant,” “Sacrifices,” and “Temple.” One may also wish to read Exodus, chapters 26–29, and Leviticus, chapter 8. The Old Testament, as well as the books of Moses and Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price, underscores the antiquity of temple work and the enduring nature of its ordinances.

                 Elder Russell M. Nelson, “Prepare for the Blessings of the Temple,” Ensign, Oct. 2010

Quote #3:

Just like covenant breaking, covenant keeping becomes habit forming.

- Bonnie Parkin, Second Counselor in the Young Women Presidency, General Conference, April 1995 - “Celebrating Covenants”


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Holly said...

THank you so very much and many prayers on your treatments.

Teacher Annie said...

Thanks so much for your lesson ideas. I hope you are doing well. I would love to hear how you are doing.

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