Wednesday, December 5, 2012

After yeeeeears of hunting...

I have wanted a card-holder for, like, 15 years.  One where you display the Christmas cards you get each year.  I get around 30 cards every year, and I never know where to put them.  I want to display them, because they're beautiful.  To me, cards are works of art.  Obvey. 

Every time I've seen a card holder at a friend's house, I've been like, "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT??"  And always, it used to be their mom's.  Or it used to be their grandma's.  I've searched far and wide.  I was wondering if I was going to have to make one of my own one of these days.

And then, during one of my many, many hours of watching TV, I saw a commercial for Pier 1 Imports, advertising what?  A CARD HOLDER!

I immediately texted Ben and begged and pleaded to let us get one.  Now.  Before they're gone forever and I never find another one again.  Being the nice dude he is, he said yes, and we went over to Pier 1 tonight.

The one I saw on TV was $40, and it matched nothing of mine, but I was just that desperate that I was ready to get it.  And then I saw this little beauty:
 Yeee!!  Look how cute!!! 
It was $25 instead of $40.  Much better.  And look!   It matches my decor perfectly:
Lime green, red... perfect.

Last night, I finished my prototype for my Christmas cards I'm sending out this year:
I tried it on my new cardholder to see how it would look:
Aw yeah.  Perfect.

So, friends, you can go ahead and start sending some Christmas cards my way.  They have a guaranteed home.


Kathleen said...

Very cute! Glad you found one. Your card is cute too.

megan said...

That is SOOOO cute!!! I really need a card holder too! I usually put them on the fridge. Most people don't send us cards though. I think we get about 15, maybe. I La-hove your Christmas card!! Can't wait to get mine!!:)

Lyndsay said...

Love your card holder! I have had one (looks like a giant ornament) for a few years, but when I went to get it out it was broken - I should easily be able to fix it, but first I need to get my hot glue gun back from my neighbor... Anyways, good job! Glad you finally got your card holder and don't look for a card from me this Christmas because I know it just is not going to happen!!

Aprillium said...

How cute is THAT!!!??? And your card looks fab on it! :D

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