Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rigging Up the Lights - 2012 Edition

So.  I rigged up the lights last year, and I thought I was going to seriously die.  I kept waiting and waiting for Ben to do it, and he did that Ben Thing where he just puts it off and puts it off until I do it.  So I tried to set aside my extreeeeeeme fear of heights and put the lights on the house.

I was so scared while I was doing it that I was shaking.  I remember the postman came to deliver the mail and yelled up to me, "Are you okay up there?"

"Uh....yeah...but will you come back and check on me to make sure I haven't fallen off this ladder??"

I was really, really scared.  By a miracle from heaven, somehow, I didn't die putting those dang lights up.  And I decided that I'm never, ever doing that again.  I'd rather not have lights at all than do it again.

I asked Ben a few times whether he was going to put lights up this year, and he kept putting it off, so I figured we were going to have a bare house this year.  He surprised me by putting them up on Saturday!

The kids, as usual, were eager to help.  I was glad to have them out of the house for awhile.  I waddled outside to take some pictures.

Dylan actually posed this way - it reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite:
Sadie's two front teeth are taking their time to grow in, and I'm glad.  I loooove when kids are missing their two front teeth:

After awhile, I started hearing major thumping on the roof.  I was like, "Hmmmm."  I was feeling horrible, so I didn't go investigate.  Then Micah came in and insisted I come and "take a look," and this is what I found:
Ben let Dylan and Sadie hang out on the roof!  Yikes.  Bikes.  I was kind of freaking out, but also, I was feeling so horrible that I was just eager to get back inside and on the couch.  I was like, "Welp, I hope they don't die..."

When they started running on the roof, Ben finally banned them from it, thank goodness.

I suppose they haven't inherited my fear of heights.

Here's Benny.  Look at that cute butt:
 The end result:
I still need to put the lit garland on our porch railing and the netted lights on our privet, but it feels nice to have this part done.  And let's be honest - with the way I'm feeling, the porch and bush might not get lit this year.  Which is okay.


megan said...

I'm glad he did that for you this year!! Now.... can you send him over to do my house too?:) I really want to do ours but I'm afraid of hieghts too and Mark won't do it. PLUS we don't have a ladder... Can we borrow yours? Maybe I'll get over my fear of heights too... yeah right:) It looks great! Glad the kids didn't die falling off the roof!

Mindy H. said...

You house looks great! And the lighting helpers look adorable.

I'm glad you were able to make it to Ben's work party (I LOVE the lamp!) and I hope your "green line" has more ups than downs this week. Hang in there!

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