Friday, December 14, 2012

The First Three

Oh gooooooooossssssshhhhhhhhhh.  Sorry for not posting lately.  It was a rough week for me, physically and emotionally.  But I'll write about that later.  Right now I want to talk about this adorable boy:
My kids have this thing at their school called the Santa Shop, a place where they can buy small presents for their families at low prices.  The kids asked me earlier this week if they could have some money to use at the Santa Shop, and, unfortunately, I had to tell them no.  We don't really have the fundage for even the smallest of gifts.  Lots of medical bills.  Lots and lots. 

So the kids raided their own spending money jars.  I paid them $2 per week most of this year for their allowances.  (Ben has put a stop to that since my surgery, haha!  Again, lots of medical bills. Lots and lots.)  Sadie had $6 and Dylan had $17 (!!!).  Ben and I were wondering about Dylan having so much, since past experience has taught us that when Dylan has money, it burns a hole in his pocket.  He likes to spend money as soon as he get it.  We are suspicious he raided his savings or tithing jars.  But we couldn't prove it - there was still money in those jars.  So we let him take it and go.

That funny little Sadie Girl spent her $6 all on herself. :)  She cracks me up.

But Dylan...he spent his entire $17 of hard-earned (or hard-stolen) money on his family.  He wrapped them with utmost care and placed them under our tree.
When I think about him doing this, I get emotional.  Sometimes Dyl can be a hard person to deal with, but he has such a good heart.  And I'm so grateful to have him as my son.  I'm grateful for all of my kids, and in light of what happened in Connecticut today, I've been giving them lots more hugs and smiles and snuggles and loving words. 

Oh, and we must include that fact that Micah used spare ribbon as his "hair" today.
Haha!  That kid...

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megan said...

That is so sweet!! Brynnan is totally like Sadie!! Although, if he has a bunch of money to spend and knows that Jonas doesn't he might share one thing with him:) They do have such good hearts, I just think life is so overwhelming, unfortunately!!

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