Friday, December 28, 2012

Into Africa

Instead of "Out of Africa."  Get it?  I'm my own best audience.

So my amazing, jet-setting sister, Lex, is off to Arizona for two months for another clinical (she's almost done with her Physical Therapy Doctorate), and then will immediately fly to AFRICA for her last clinical.  South Africa, to be exact.

Could she BE any cooler?

We had a partay tonight to wish her farewell.  We ate at Papa Kelsey's (yummmm) and then went to Les Miserables.  (I plan to devote an entire blog post to Les Mis, don't you worry.)  Dylan and Gage have the flu, so I just took Sades and Mikey with me while Benny stayed home with the sickies.
Lex's hubby, Chris, is so sweet.  He put this whole party together, and then ordered her a going-away cake to boot:
Lex, looking at it:

So they'll be separated for four months, which bites, but you know what's cool?  He's going to Africa with her when she flies there, and they'll spend two weeks on a delayed honeymoon (they got married 1 1/2 years ago and never had time for a honeymoon because of schooling) before she does her clinical there.  They're going on a safari, swimming with sharks, the works.  So that will be cool.

Bye, Lex.  We already miss you.

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megan said...

I bet they'll have fun on their honeymoon!! I wouldnot want to do the shark thing though!! CA-RAY-ZY!!:) That cake is so cute and very sweet of him to get it for her!:) It was fun going to Les Mis with you guys!

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