Monday, December 17, 2012

Moondrops as Snowman Parts

I can't take credit for this idea - my mom saw it on a friend's facebook page, and I think her friend had seen it on Pinterest somewhere?  So. Just to let you know.

You make these cute little snowmen with paint sample cards.  The ones my mom showed me online were different colors of white, and I had the danged hardest time finding those.  First of all, a lot of paint sample color cards are just solid. One little three-by-five card per color.  It's hard to find the old-fashioned ones that go from light to dark nowadays, but Wal-Mart does carry a brand that has these kinds of cards.  The second problem I had was that I think someone else saw this idea on Pinterest and cleaned all of the white sample cards from both Wal-Marts in our city.  So I had to cheat a little and get really, really light blue sample cards.  Then I put a little black hat on the top of these rectangular snowmen and put a flower on the hat:
I wanted to put the buttons on the front of the snowmen first, so I clipped the nubbins off the moondrops I wanted to use (I used Celestial Blue, I believe):
Then I put a mini-sized zot on the back of each moondrop (sorry, not pictured).  Then I pressed those suckers where I wanted them:
I used black moondrops for the coal eyes (yes, I have a picture of zot-pressing for this one):

Then I just cut out little elongated orange shapes for the nose and glued them on with Elmer's glue.  I picked a cute bow to tie around each snowman to make a scarf.  Oh, and I put another Celestial Blue moondrop in the center of each flower on the snowman's tophat.  Then I mounted each snowman onto a longer-type card, and put some clear moondrops to the side, just for fun.


My kids were crazy jealous of my snowmen and begged to make some of their own.  I made theirs into Christmas tree ornaments by gluing their choice of ribbon onto the top hat so they could hang easily.  Here's Micah's:
Sadie wanted a mouth on her snowman, so she picked some pink moondrops and made the cutest little crooked smile on hers:


Aprillium said...

So Cute!!! thanks a ton kar! Sadie's little snowman's mouth is adorable!

megan said...

Such a CUTE idea!! I Love it!! I love that sadie made a crooked smile on her snowman! Great idea to make them into ornaments!

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