Saturday, December 15, 2012

Moondrops as Centers of Flowers and Snowflakes

Moondrops, like brads or eyelets, are the perfect dimensional element for the centers of flowers or snowflakes.  I decided to try a moondrop on the center of the snowflakes on the Christmas cards I made this year.

Again, you trim the nubbin off with fingernail clippers (I used Peridot Light Green for this project):
 Then you stick the flat side of the moondrop to a zot - the mini kinds are the perfect size:
Then press that sucker to the center of your flower or snowflake:
Et voila.  A snowflake with a little bit of pop.
And yes, I was wearing a moustache t-shirt in this picture.  It's my favorite shirt. :)


Aprillium said...

Kar, if I ever need cards, hun, you are getting my business! I, personally am not a huge card person, but I do need them occasionally :D

Thanks so much, and BTW this card is up on the Brightsidecrafts blog :D

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore this card!! Those moondrops are so much fun! I totally need to buy them. Where can I do that?

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