Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I'm abominable.

One of the many ways in which I'm dumb is that I get too ambitious.  For example, I've been eyeing this recipe that I got a couple of months ago out of Better Homes and Gardens:
I would scan it for you, but our printer/scanner is broken.  And our TV, clothes washer, and clothes dryer are also going down that "broken" road.  Right now I'm listening to the dryer running.  It squeaks in this really high-pitched way that makes me want to punch someone.  I'm seriously considering putting in my ear plugs.

Could my life beeee any cooler right now?  Hahaha!

Anyways, the reason that I'm being dumbly ambitious is that I think that I'm actually going to be able to make this meal tomorrow night.  The reality is that I'll feel like crap all day and then ask Ben to bring home bean burritos tomorrow night.  Let's be honest with ourselves.

So this meal is called Beer-Glazed Sausage and Apples.  Fresh sage, thinly sliced apples, kielbasa sausage, fresh green beans, all cooked in a thick, citrusy glaze.  Yummm.

Oh.  And beer.

If you don't know me, let me announce it to you - I don't drink.  But I'm also a foodie, so I am guilty of harboring an occasional bottle of white cooking wine in my cupboard.  Some of my favorite meat dishes utilize alcohol, all of which cooks out.  I always feel really weird and guilty about it, and I always shove my alcohol to the very back of the cupboard. 

So I'll need 24 ounces of beer for this recipe - they recommended a belgian-style wheat beer (I have no idea what that means, honestly...).  So I wrote it on my list, and Ben brought home not just two bottles.  He brought home an entire six pack.  He said it was cheaper than buying the two individual bottles.

I felt all kinds of dirty and guilty.  I proposed pouring the extra four bottles down the drain, but there truly are four or five more beer-centered meat dish recipes in that magazine that I'd also like to try.  Ben's all, "Just keep the extra four for when we make those other dishes."  I just couldn't keep the beer in our cupboard or our fridge.  So I had Ben put it in our storage room.  And I put this sticky note on it, in case anyone ever pokes around in there and thinks they've uncovered a skeleton in Kar's closet:

Here's Ben, pretending to take one out of the six pack:
Silly kid.

I still don't know how I feel about keeping four extra bottles of beer around.  If you're a beer lover and come over to take them off my hands, I won't say no...


megan said...

Haha! That's so funny! I don't know how I feel about that. We've never cooked with beer or wine. My dad has done it before, but I don't remember it... good luck with cooking the meal! It sounds YUMMY!!

Kitcarsonblue said...

This is too funny!!! If you only knew how many times we eat out where they've used alcohol to cook with, prob unbeknownst to ourselves but we don't feel bad then right? So having said that, enjoy cooking with wine and beer, like you said, the alcohol cooks out anyways but leaves your dish very gourmet tasting. Knowing me, I'd prob drink one WITH the meal....LOLOL!!! I know, I'm terrible but I really don't think I'll be sent to "you know where" for doing it. :-) xoxo

Lyndsay said...

Okay, Kar, I really debated over whether or not to share this with you, but I feel that I must. However, should you choose to continue cooking with any form of alcohol I promise that I will be the last person to judge you for it!

http://www.ochef.com/165.htm - I used to have the official page bookmarked, but I can't find it, but that gives the same information. I was quite shocked myself.

Okay, don't have me for my comment, just didn't want you in the dark!

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