Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby First

Sadie and I watch TV while I do her hair every morning; usually, she prefers to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but the other day, she turned on a channel we haven't really looked at before, a channel called Baby First.

I groaned when she turned it on, because the last thing I wanted was a Baby Mozart or Baby Einsteins-type show. We have both of those videos; Sadie and Micah still watch them all the time, and it drives me crazy. You can only watch a lava lamp for so long before you just get bored.

But once we started watching this channel, we were riveted. And when I say "we," I mean all four of us that were up. (Gage loves sleeping in. And I love letting him sleep in. So he was still in bed.) Dylan, for some reason, likes to get dressed in the living room while watching T.V. He got one leg in his jeans and then just stood there, staring at the T.V. I paused mid-brush. Micah paused mid-play. Sadie paused mid-nail-bite. We all just stared and stared. It's totally fascinating!

My favorite show on that channel is called Arty Party. So they have a line drawing that they show. And then some artist decorates the line drawing in several different ways. The one I saw was the one at the top of this post. They had a line drawing of a smiling sun. So the artist first painted it. And then they showed the line drawing plain again, and the artist used feathers to decorate it. And then he used colorful sticks. Just all of these different, cool ways to make this sun colorful. I kept thinking to myself, "I so want to do that!!!"

Ooooh, and then there's a show called Sandman. This dude has a glowing table, like the kinds they have to look at x-rays, right? And then he pours sand on the table. And then he makes these intricate drawings into the sand. Wherever he draws, the light comes shining through. He made a monkey, and a beautiful scene with palm trees, bananas, a hammock, etc. So. Stinkin'. Cool. I'm officially a convert of Baby First Channel.

What can I say? I'm easily entertained.


megan said...

Haha, it sounds cool. Tini's favorite show right now is The Backyardigans. I often find myself watching along. :)

Emily Empey said...

haha awesome! what channel is this on!?

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