Monday, February 6, 2012

The Bird

No, not this The Bird. (I think maybe ten people will get the reference there. Or maybe one of my two actual readers, haha. Read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. Then you'll get what I'm talking about. One of the best books I've ever read.) I'm talking about one of the fluffy, singing kinds. Birds that don't beat up American POWs in WWII.

So my friend, Linds, was living in my house while we were in China. She and her husband took really good care of it while we were gone, and we so appreciated having it protected from the Drug Dealer and Domestic Violence and their cronies.

It was about a week before Linds was able to move into her new apartment and we were able to move back into our house. We spoke a few times during that week about various things. At one point, Linds said, "Okay, Kar, I need to let you know something. Xena brought a dead bird into the house." We had installed a little cat door for Xenie last summer, and she snuck that dead bird in through it sometime during that last week Linds was there.. Linds didn't see her bring it in, but she found a whole lotta feathers in the baby's room. She vacuumed the feathers up and looked and looked for the rest of the carcass - under the crib, in the closet, etc., and never found it. She let me know that there may be a nasty surprise for us somewhere. I was hoping that maybe Xena ate the whole skeleton. A girl can hope, right??

We had been back in our house for maybe two weeks when Dylan said he wanted help lifting up the sofa so he could look and see if one of his missing toys was under there. I lifted it up, and guess what we found? That's right. A three-week-old rotting bird corpse. It had been under our butts that whole time. Disgusting, eh? Dylan was very traumatized, to say the least. :) As was I. As was I.


Emily Empey said...

hahahaha ok this post turned out better then I though- I thought you were really going to talk about the NASTY MEAN BIRD! haha But yeah thats disgusting that Xena didn't eat the whole thing for your sake! Poor Dyl!

Camille said...

Oh. My. least you had been warned. Imagine if she hadn't told you about it! We had a live bird in our house about a year ago - flying around in our living room. Freaked me out.

Patty said...

Spooky! It's cute that Linz warned you. What good renters.

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