Wednesday, February 29, 2012


My friend, Megs, is so, so funny. She called me up one day and was like, "Hey, do you know if there is a safe place to bowl in Idaho Falls? Mark and I don't want to drive all the way up to Rexburg to go to a safe bowling alley."

I laughed and laughed. "Megs, I have felt safe in all the bowling alleys I've been to in Idaho Falls."

"But are there dudes in there smoking and swearing and stuff?"

I assured her that the days of smoking in bowling alleys are long in the past. I told her of two places that are still open (the one we used to go to for P.E. in high school has closed), and they chose one and had a good time.

Such a good time that she asked my fam to join her fam not too many days later. It was fun. If I recall correctly, I did ridiculously well at the first, but after my fingers got tired, I was getting zeros, zeros, zeros. :) That happens to me every time.

Megsie took these pics - I forgot my camera.

I think Sadie was lifting Brynnan up into the air. She and Brynnan play so well together. They are both very rough-and-tumble:

An interesting factoid about me - when I was eight, I decided that I really, really loved to bowl. I was going to be a professional bowler. My mom even made me a bowling cake. Weird. That was a weird phase.

Funny bowling story - like I said, in high school P.E., we had to go bowling. It was seriously like once a week. Crazy. So one time, I was bowling with this girl, Maren. And she swung back, and her ball FLEW out of her hand and BAM! BAM! BAM! bounced really hard on the floor behind her. It was so funny to me. It's one of those things that, when I visualize, I cannot stop giggling. I have lots of visuals like that. I'll have to share more of them sometime. Surely not as funny to everyone else as to me, but it's all good. I am my own best audience. And I'm okay with that.

Thanks for letting me blognap these, Meggie!


Ben said...

Kids and Bowling! They don't really combine well, it's not fast enough for them! But it's still cute!

megan said...

You can't really blame me for thinking the bowling alley's in town are sketchy!! They all look so run down and just old. I'm still scared to try going to Bowlero, or whatever it's called on 1st street! lol I'm glad you guys came with us! It was a lot of fun!:)

Mindy H. said...

Bowling in junior high... oh the memories!

It sounds like you guys had a fun time. We have a little bowling alley in my town that everyone likes to hit for FHE. I'm like you, I do ok on the first few frames and then struggle at the end. If only bowling balls weren't so heavy, eh?

Lyndsay said...

Brad just went bowling with the young men last week and I've been thinking we should take the family and go, it's been a few years. Looks like you had fun! Good for you, taking the kids out to do fun outings. I need to do more stuff with my kiddo monkeys!

Emily Empey said...

I love bowling!!!

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