Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pray for Us.

Well, yesterday we found out that the company Ben works for may go under. It's a long story, and I don't understand some of it, but from what I can tell, they haven't had a lot of work. The economy is crappy, so people aren't building as much. But they did have this really big job, designing a hotel somewhere at Teton Reserve. Here are the renderings Ben designed for the hotel. I think the first picture is of the back side, and the second is of the front side:

I think Ben is incredibly talented.
The company Ben works for put in about two months of overtime on this hotel; this job was keeping them afloat. Some lawyers involved with the owner of this future hotel had made an escrow account through which they were going to pay the architects, and Ben's boss just found out that the lawyers drained this account (which is against the law, obviously), and put the money into a different project with which they were involved. I'm assuming that Ben's company and probably the owner are going to sue the crap out of these lawyers, but in the meantime, nobody can get paid for all the work they've done. Ben was supposed to get a Christmas bonus, but obviously that has gone down the drain. Today, Ben's boss and coworkers are going to get together and brainstorm on how to save the company, but the outlook is kind of grim.

In the meantime, Ben is going to start applying all over the place -- wherever he can get a stinkin' job. It will be tough, in this economy. No other architects in I.F. are hiring right now, so we may end up moving, if Ben's company goes under and he is lucky enough to get a job somewhere else. And I think I may start working on getting my certification in Idaho, just in case I need to pick up the slack. Though I don't know if there are any teaching jobs available right now. I kind of doubt it!

Needless to say, we are stressed out and worried. I get sad when I think of moving away from my mom and my sister. I worry about not being able to sell our house, if we have to move. I get sad about leaving our house, because I love it so much. I question if Heavenly Father is punishing me for having sworn at my kids too much. :) Or for falling asleep while I pray to Him at night. I know that's not how He works, but I can't help but wonder.

Yet, at the same time, I know that He has always taken care of us. He has taken us to where we need to be. Things always end up working out. If we keep paying tithing, praying, reading scriptures, etc., we'll have His spirit with us to comfort us and direct us. It will help us get through this and lead us to where we need to go. And I know that this trial is something that will make us better people. Every trial makes us better. And there are ALWAYS trials, in everyone's life. Everyone is dealing with something, always. That's something it took me a long time to figure out - everyone has trials, all the time. That's the way life is. If it's not job problems or money problems, people have marital problems, or problems with their kids. Or problems with their health. I recognize that things could be so much worse. Ben and I have been through many, many hard things in our marriage, and we've weathered them together. So I think we can get through this. As long as I have him and our kids, I'm okay with whatever else happens.

And who's to say that things won't get better after this? Who knows? Maybe Ben's company will focus more on other aspects of their business and really succeed. Or maybe Ben will get a job where he actually gets paid enough for us to survive! :) You never know. Or maybe we'll move to a place where we will meet people who will affect us for the better, and us, them. (Though may I reiterate that I am NOT interested in moving. But you gotta do what you gotta do.)

Thank goodness Dylan just changed his mind about what he wants from Santa. He did want an $88 Ultimate Bumblebee Transformer, but now he has decided that he wants a $10 Robo Z toy. Phew! That will help. Sadie hasn't decided what she wants yet, but when I take her out looking, I'm going to steer her towards the cheaper toys. :)

Why do things like this always happen at Christmastime??

If you could pray for us, we'd really appreciate it.


Aprillium said...

Oh sweetie, I really hope things with Bens company work out. And I really hope that whomever is responsible gets a big kick in the butt.
I'll keep you in our prayers. Have you called the temple yet?

Gifford Family said...

Times are tough right now and it STINKS. Dave's business is really struggling right now also. Because houses aren't selling, people don't need inspections. I wish you guys the best and I hope it all works out!

Nat said...

Kar, I had no idea! Things always work out, even if it's not in the way we expect. That would suck if you have to move, though. Keep us updated.

Chad said...

We'll be thinking about you! You have a great attitude.

BTW, your family portrait looks great.

Layton Mom said...

That stinks! I will defintiely pray for you adn hope that everything works out for you and your family.

Ken and Patty said...

Consider it done. You're not moving- so forget about it!

The Boyles said...


I totally agree with you that everyone is always having trials - I have found myself thinking when is it ever going to end, but then you realize that continual trials are part of the journey. I think things will be work out with his job, but if you currently have your Utah certification it is SO easy to get your Idaho one. They have a reciprocity agreement with Utah so you just have to pay them money. I have my Idaho certification still, so if you have any questions just let me know.

P.S. The best thing is you only have to renew it every five years too!

Mindy H. said...

You and your sweet family will be in my prayers this season. It sounds like your faith is going to sustain you though this trial, but I can testify that spending as much time in the temple as possible will bring peace and comfort like nothing else.

Oh, and I have some other teacher info that might help provide some comfort in regaurd to your plan b--when we were interviewing for a new English teacher last year, we only had three applicants and only two of the three had their certificate. We didn't hire to other teachers until the week before school and the first week of 2nd quarter. One more teacher-job fact...ISU used to graduate over 100 teachers each spring, but last year graduated less than 30. Jobs are there...but hopefully you won't need one. I'll add more than a few prayers for Ben's company!

Lynita said...

This economy is so horrid! My friends hubby was laid off a few weeks ago, the day before her B-day. They have been through this 4 times in 6 years and now have a house to sell so they can move back home. I hope that they work out a solution for Ben!

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