Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tag from Greg and Gloria

It may seem like I've done this tag before, but I checked, and I haven't! Some parts are similar to others, and other parts I can't find that I did. And it's short, so no griping!

1.) Four Places that I go to over and over: Sadie's preschool, Sadie's speech therapy, work, and my mom's house.
2.) Four People who e-mail me: Greg, Gloria, Laurie, and Pooh.
3.) Four of my favorite Places to Eat: Macaroni Grill, Cafe Rio, Rubio's, and Panera. Sigh; none of those are in I.F. I miss my restaurants. At least it helps us save money, because nothing ever sounds good! So we eat at home a LOT.
4.) Four Places I would rather be right now: Hawaii, Paris, England, and Spain. I would just love to take a vacation.
5.) Four People I think will do this tag: Um, Suz? And nobody else, probably.
6.) Four favorite OLD TV Shows: Brady Bunch, Arrested Development, Seinfeld, Friends

1 comment:

Gifford Family said...

I too love those resteraunts. I too will reiterate that you need to come to Utah... we have those resteraunts!

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