Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Questions with Obvious Answers

Sadie asks questions without really thinking, sometimes. Dylan was at school one afternoon, and I took Sadie and Micah to the store.

The whole time we were at the store, Sadie kept asking where Dylan was: "Wheh Di-din?"

I kept saying, "He's at school, Sadie."

"Oh. He at stooh?"

"Yep, he's at school."

"Wheh Mitah?"

"Um, right here, in the cart, Sadie."

"Ohhhh. He in duh tot?"

"Yep, he's in the cart."

When we pulled into our driveway, Sadie says, "Wheh Di-din?"

"Dylan is at school, Sadie."

"Ohhhh. He at stooh?"

"Yep. He's at school."

"Wheh Daddy?"

"He's at work."

"Ohhhh. He's at wutt?"

"Yep, he's at work."

We walk in the door. Sadie: "DI-DIN!! Wheh ah you??"

"Sadie, Dylan is at school."

"Ohhhh. Di-din at stooh?"

"Yes, Sadie. Dylan is at school."

"Oh. Wheh Daddy?"

"Daddy is at work, Sadie. At WORK."

"Ohhh. Daddy's at woot?"

"Yes, Sadie."

"Wheh Mitah?"


"Ohhh. Hi, Mitah!"

And so on and so forth. She cracks me up. But I keep talking with her, because I figure that, the more she talks, the better she will talk. Eventually. Hopefully.

An update on Ben's job situation - his company had a meeting today, and his boss said that laying them off was not an option. He is going to fight hard to keep them employed. He applied for a line of credit, so that Ben and the other guys can continue to get paid for the next few months. The owner of that hotel is going to try to get funding to finish the hotel, therefore to finish paying the architects for their work. He can't sue the bad attorneys for now, because they're threatening bankruptcy, and if they file for bankruptcy, the owner will be screwed. As soon as the owner finishes this hotel, with different funding, he will be free to sue the pants off the bad attorneys. So we'll see what happens. I'll update you as soon as I know anything else.


Amy said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who answers the same questions all day long. Part of the job description I suppose. One of the parts that nobody tells you about. I'm glad to hear that Ben will be able to keep his job for a while. Hopefully that will lighten your mood and allow you to have a great holiday. Blessings, blessings!!

Gifford Family said...

Just keep her talking! Ivy drives me crazy with questions also, but her pronunciation of words has improved miraculously in the last few months! Is Sadie still doing speech therapy? Good luck with the whole "Ben's job" problem. It sounds like his boss is a real descent guy!

Anonymous said...

That's funny. Jonas, my 4 year old, will often do the same thing. He'll ask where his brother is and they're sitting right next to each other!! Kids are funny.

I'm glad to hear that Ben will still have a job! I hope it all works out for you guys.

You can check out my family blog. I'm sure you'll enjoy the wild antics of my boys that I often talk about and post pictures of!:)


I'm excited for you and Lorraine to be my visiting teachers! I haven't had ones that actually came to visit me in over 2 years! This will be fun:)

Jenny said...

i hope things work out for ben's job. thanks for the update. i'll remember you guys in my prayers. good luck.

Mindy H. said...

Sadie sounds so cute!

I kind-of-sort-of remember from my language development class that when kids that age ask questions, they don't always want an actual answer, they are just practicing speech patterns. Of course, when 7th graders ask the same question over and over, it is either to be annoying or becuase they weren't listening. I think I would rather hang out with the language-practicing toddlers :)

Janiece said...

Glad to hear that things are looking up with the husband's job. It is sure scary...

Though I have to say I loved the conversation with your daughter...how darn cute was that!

Janiece said...

Answer to your question...Ro is for Rowland
Husband is in the Red Diving shirt.

Anonymous said...

I too answer the same questions all day long. (I heard somewhere, that repetition does imporve speech and problem solving). That sucks about the hotel situation.I am glad that Ben works for a guy that values his employees.

Nat said...

"Did Jakob go to school today?" About 4,000 times. Although Troy's kind of moved past that one now, thank goodness! I figure someday they'll stop asking the same questions over and over and over.

Nat said...

How ironic! My last word verification was "denden".

Ken and Patty said...

I love Sadie. She's just a little sheperd... trying to round up the whole family.
Things sound like they are on the up and up for Ben at work. GOOD! We'll keep praying.

Angela said...

Wow! I'm behind and just catching up on the latest with Ben's job. I'll be keeping you in my prayers! I'm sure things will work themselves out. It's great that you have your degree as a backup and teaching experience. Keep us posted on the situaltion and I'll keep my ears open for opertunities around here. Camile's husband works for an architecture firm (he has his masters in Landscape Architecture). You could check out her blog and ask her questions about his company- he works in SLC.

Lynita said...

So cute, I love how you write the way Sadie speaks, it is so vivid! I am glad that they are working something out, I will still keep praying for you.

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