Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Religion, According to Dylan

Story #1:

Dylan: Mom, who is the President?
Me: George W. Bush.
Dylan: Who is the prophet?
Me: Thomas S. Monson.
Dylan: Who is the temple president?
Me: Oh. Uh, I don't know...
Dylan: It's Barack Obama.

Story #2:

Dylan had done something naughty, of course.

Me: Dylan, is that what Jesus wants us to do?

Dylan: But I don't want to be a "Jesus guy."

Story #3:

Dylan: "Daddy is going to Bad Heaven."

Story #4:

Dylan: "Daddy is going to Heaven for Criminals."

Story #5:

We were having Family Home Evening a few weeks ago, and I was quizzing Dylan.

Me: Who was our first prophet?
Dylan: George Washington.

Story #6:

Dylan: "If you don't do your homework, God will kill you."

Story #7:

Dylan: "If you eat before you say the prayer for dinner, God will kill you."

Story #8:

Back in March or so, Dylan told my mom that babies are born with angel wings, and that their parents cut them off after they're born, and that's why we have shoulder blades. Mom told me this, and I later found out that Ben had told him this story. Sheesh. Maybe Ben is going to Heaven for Criminals.


Gifford Family said...

How funny! We went to tithing settlement and the Bishop asked my kids what gift they could give to Jesus and Erin (after a lot of thinking) said "He could alway use new sandals!" Kids are so funny!

Anonymous said...

haha that is funny. I love your family pictures, they turned out great!

Mindy H. said...

Dylan is so funny he really needs his own blog...or he needs to teach Sunday school in my branch. I would show up every week to hear "religion according to Dylan."

Anonymous said...

HAha! That's so funny!! I was cracking up.

Heath Family said...

Dylan is one creative kid!

Lynita said...

Well somebody has to mess up your kids, may as well have a little fun since you'll get all the credit later!

Barnard Family said...

so cute, so funny. You gotta love kids

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