Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I used to love Christmas, until a couple of years ago. Then I finally started to realize that Christmas is such a huge pain in the butt!!! This song plays over and over in my head when I'm doing all of the crap that comes with the Christmas season:

Call me the Grinch; call me Scrooge; I fully acknowledge my lack of Christmas spirit.

So. Here's the second thing of Christmas that's such a pain to me -- rigging up the lights. I really wanted Ben to put lights around the windows and along our roofline, but he was so busy finishing our bedroom. (Post on that soon to come. I want to take a picture of it when it's actually clean, which might take some time. Because really. Dishes and laundry come first. And then, if there's time left over, I can get to cleaning my bedroom.) Ben just didn't find the time. He finished our room a couple of weeks before Christmas, but then we had a really bad cold, windy snap, so the only Saturday we could have done it, we opted to stay inside. I thought of trying to put up the lights on the roof myself, but I was really scared of falling off the ladder. So I put lights around the bushes and on the railing of our front porch. It wasn't much, but my across-the-street neighbor, Nephi, came over to tell me how much he loves looking at our lights at night. He is really old and has prostate cancer, so he doesn't put lights up anymore. So I'm glad that someone was satisfied with our meager lights display, because I sure wasn't. Maybe next year Ben will find time to do it. Or I will get up the guts to climb the ladder by myself.

I obviously involved Dylan in the lighting endeavor, because he's just so bored all the time. Anything where he can expend some of his energy is a good thing. Here he is, doing the lights on our railing:

Isn't his little vest cute? Ben's dad and stepmom sent us some clothes for Christmas, and we love them. We desperately needed them.

I tried to take a picture of Sadie, but she was experiencing post-nap depression at the time, so this is all I could catch of her:

She was NOT in the mood for a picture.


Layton Mom said...

That song is amusing and I know you have such a problem with holiday hangovers. This year we simplified gift giving and gave more to others. It really made the season for us this year.

Nat said...

Mom helped me rig the bushes with lights this year; next year we'll (hopefully) be more on top of things and do the roof again. Or maybe you and I could help each other out, eh?

Barnard Family said...

I barely got my tree up. Working full time is no fun :(

There is a couple of boxes of lights sitting on my front porch waiting for the christmas light fairies to put them up, but I guess they were too busy this year!

Oh well, there is always next year!

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