Friday, December 12, 2008

Silly Dylie

I have a bunch of random pictures of the Dylan-meister that I wanted to post.

Dylan is very, very inventive. One of his newest inventions is the fruit roll-up burrito. You put small snacks of your choice inside a fruit roll-up, such as goldfish, yo-go's, or fruit snacks:

Then you roll it up and eat it, like a burrito:

Yum. Not.

Right before Thanksgiving, Dylan had homework where he had to color this paper, then cut it out and fashion it into a teepee. He was extremely proud of it, and he insisted upon taking a picture of it himself. Hence the fuzziness:

I found the little handheld game thingey! I think that Ben hid it on top of the armoire when he was sick of listening to it, or something. Here Dylan is, with Jake and Troy watching intently. I love this picture:

Dylan with the boppy. I have one I just posted like this with Sadie. The original idea was Dylan's, and after I snapped his picture, Sadie insisted upon getting a picture just like it of herself. Like I said, Dylan is very inventive:

Dylan figured out that he could put a giant rubber band on the baby swing, and then shoot folded pieces of paper across the room:

Dylan was with me when I went to vote, and I had him stand on a chair and punch in the holes of my choices. It was a lot of fun for him. And then he got an honorary "I voted" sticker:

Dylan finally convinced me to let him wear a fauxhawk. Here he is, channeling, Derek Zoolander:

He LOVES his new fauxhauwk. He wanted me to take a picture of him posing as a hula dancer, for some reason:

Back at the beginning of November, my parents went on a trip to St...... Thomas? St. Marten? I can't remember which island. And we baby-sat their dog, Daisy. She always hung out on this one spot by the fireplace, because the sun hits it nicely, so we put a folded towel there to make her more comfortable. Dylan is posing next to her, probably making her nervous. She's not a fan of Dylan. Probably because of the whole he-shouts-everything-he-says thing:


suzy Q. said...

I think kids get smarter with each generation. I look at all my nieces and nephews, and they are so smart! Holy cow!

Anonymous said...

You have some really cute kids!:) Great pictures!

Ken and Patty said...

Dylan is my boyfriend. And I love him.

Mindy H. said...

What a cute little guy! The creative ones can be pretty high maintenance but I think they are totally worth it becuase they are so much fun. The baby swing catapult? Priceless.

Barnard Family said...

Ohhhh, your boy and my boys would be fast friends if we lived in the same zip code. We should try that some time...not sure I am ready for that Idaho winter though....we might have to compromise!

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