Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Thank goodness for Ben. He did all the cooking while I was in that 5K on Thanksgiving. We were in charge of bringing rolls and pumpkin pies, and Ben fully and completely did it for me. I was grateful, because when I got home, I was NOT in the mood to cook. I just wanted to sleep! I was going to wear the shirt I got when I finished the race, but Micah barfed all over it right before we left, of course. He is such a barf-meister, but not as bad as Dylan was.

We had dinner at Mom and Dad's house. Lex came over from Boise, and Nat's fam was there, of course. We missed Beads; it's gosh darn football season for Spencer, so they couldn't come out. Then my Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Boyd came over, and also my Uncle Kurt. I wasn't very social, and I feel bad about that now. I just wanted to lie on the couch and sleep.

By the way, we (Dad, Lex, and I) are officially doing the Resolution Run on New Year's Eve. We're supposed to cross the finish line at midnight. Have I ran at all in the past week and a half? Nope. Am I going to die? Yep.

Here are me and Stinker:

Lex, Boyd, and Marilyn:

Uncle Kurt and Ben:


Dylan, Jake, and Sadie - Marilyn lent us her "kid table":

Brock and Troy:

Nattles, the genetic lottery winner. Seriously, who has four kids and still looks like this?:

Dad and Ivy:

Poor Pete. He felt really sick that day. But he still managed to eat:

We came over the next day for leftovers. Here are Ben and Micah:

And one last look at my former header picture, which we took a couple of days after Thanksgiving:


Barnard Family said...

you blog faster than I can comment! Totally love that!

Autumn said...

I LOVE your new family picture! Great colors, everyone looks good, amazing! Miss ya!

Nat said...

Thanksgiving rocked. I don't know why I never get pics at Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll do better at that next year.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kar, good luck with the 5K tonight!! You're amazing for doing it!

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