Friday, February 8, 2013

An Early Valentine's Date

Ben and I took great pains preparing to go to the temple yesterday.  We lined up baby-sitters, arranged for Ben to come home from work early, packed our temple bags, got all dressed up, lost the car keys, found them, packed the kids up, dropped the kids off at the sitters (thanks again, Brooke and Ken.  No doubt this will be the last time you will ever want to watch them.  They're evil sometimes...I'm so sorry...), drove to the temple, parked, got out, walked across the parking lot, pulled out our temple recommends....

And I realized that mine had expired in December.

Yikes.  Bikes.  (This shows how un-often we go to the temple.  And that's sad.  But, in my defense, I was recovering from surgery at that time...  However, I have no defense for the entire month of January, when I should have realized it had expired and gotten it renewed.)

We stood for a moment in the temple parking lot, looking at each other, mouths wide open.  After all of that work...

So....we decided to have our Valentine's date a week early. 

Ben always plans our anniversary (and plans things I want to do), and I always plan Valentine's Day (and plan things he wants to do).  So for our anniversary, we went to Jack Reacher (my movie of choice over The Hobbit [I hate Tolkien]) and to Johnny Carino's (Italian food).  For Valentine's Day, we went to Warm Bodies (his movie of choice over Lincoln) and to Blue Hashi (sushi [I hate sushi]).
I really don't like zombie movies, but I had heard this was a funny one, so I was like...okayyyyy...  Ben, on the other hand, loooves zombie movies.  His new favorite game on the ipad (also Dylan's favorite game and Sadie's favorite game) is called Minecraft.  It involves architecture and zombies.  Which is why it's Ben's favorite game.  At least that's what he's told me.
Warm Bodies was surprisingly really, really funny AND...cute.  Yes, I said "cute" in correlation with a zombie movie.  It's a must-watch.  And an eventual must-buy.  For reals.  The main dude on it is that cute little boy from About a Boy.  Do you remember him?  Well, now he's a tall, 23-year-old handsome glass of water.  When did that happen??  That is so weird to me. I stay the same (I get a little fatter and more wrinkles under my eyes, but mainly, I stay the same), and all the children grow up.

The sushi restaurant wasn't a problem for me, because I had teriyaki chicken and veggies with noodles, so I was a happy camper.
Speaking of tall, handsome glasses of water:
On my to-do list for next Tuesday - go get my temple recommend renewed. :)


Mindy H. said...

What a fun date! My kidlets LOVE Warm Bodies. I'm glad you enjoyed it and the dinner. And I'm sure you two scored some bonus points for trying to make it to the temple. Next time I'm sure you will make it all the way in!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mindy! At least you tried going to the temple! There are many people that don't so that is great! :) I totally want to see warm bodies!! It sounds cute!

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