Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Blessing of the Snowball

My seester in dee weendow, Beads, is here this week with her hubster, Spence.  We've been partying hardy. We went sledding yesterday and had big fun.
Gage was in a reeeeally bad mood.  The kid wouldn't take his nap, preferring to jump in his crib and sing in jibberish to himself, and when it was time to go, I think that's when the tiredness hit him.

Getting four kids suited up for sledding is not a fun thing.  And then listening to a two-year-old screech for 15 minutes while you drive to the hill is also not a fun thing.  By the time we got there and got unloaded, I was done

My mom, Beads, and Spence could sense this, I think, and they took Gage and worked with him:
(Gage wouldn't even look at me for this picture.  He was really upset with the world.)

I walked down the hill a ways and started building a proper jump.  Sledding isn't as much fun without jumps.  That's my opinion on the matter.

Somehow, Spencer found a way to make Gage happy.  He would make a snowball and show it to Gage.  Gage would tap it with his hand:
And then Spencer would throw it at someone:

We thought this was just hilarious.  Really, it looked like Gage was bestowing his holy blessing upon each snowball:
And it made him really happy.

Spence started throwing snowballs at his wife, who was trying to take pictures:
She's a good sport.  She just kept laughing and taking shots.
Sigh.  They're the best.  (I wish they lived here.)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!! We've never truly been sledding. We've been the kind of sledding that you do pulling the kids around on the sled in front of the house... haha, we need to go real sledding! I'm glad you're having fun with Beads!! :)

Jenny said...

Spence and Brianna ARE awesome. And sledding with kids is exhausting. Someone always cries.

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