Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We're on a first-name basis with the dudes at AAA Sewer Service.

For reals.  They come to our house a few times per year for various plumbing issues.

So on...Saturday night?  Yeah.  Ben put rice down our disposal.

Those of you who live in...normal houses...may not understand what a horrible, horrible mistake this is.  Those of you who live in houses built in 1945 understand.  No rice.  No pasta.  Nothing too hard or too sticky.  Basically, I scrape any food into the garbage before I put it in the sink for rinsing.  I can use the disposal for old, soggy cereal, but that's really it.

So the sink got all clogged.  Ben went to Home Depot and got some de-clogger stuff.  The next day, Sunday, nothing had de-clogged.  So Ben bought three more bottles of de-clogger and dumped them in.  That evening, nothing had de-clogged.  So he went to Home Depot and bought one of those cleaner-outer thingeys.  (I don't know any kind of tool or home-improvement terminology.  The other day, I asked Ben for one of those screwdriver thingeys that looks like a stop sign when you look at the end.  He said, "An allen wrench??"  "Oh, is that what you call those things??")

So he cleaned it out from under the sink:
And then he tried to clean it out from the vent pipe thingey on our roof.  And then he tried to clean it out from the basement (in our storage room).  And he broke this cap thing that keeps the water in the pipe.

And he didn't move any of the boxes with our kids' clothes in them, so the chemicals spilled out onto the boxes and ruined a couple of boxes of clothes, plus one of our 72-hour kits (which ended up being a good thing, because upon further inspection, I realized that all of the food in our kits has expired.  In 2007.  Good to know):
So the size 3T summer clothes I was holding onto for Gage this summer - gone.  Dylan's summer clothes - gone.

Poor Ben.  He didn't mean for all this to happen.

I had to do dishes in our bathtub for two days:

The plumbers finally came yesterday evening.  They recognized me from the few times they came last year for main line issues.  Which is neat.  I was like, "'Sup?"

Because of all the chemicals Ben had used, they couldn't use their cable to clean out the pipe, because those chemicals crystallize the cables, and the cables break off inside the pipes. So they had to do this mega power blast water thing.

$200 and two days after the first clog, we can use our kitchen sink again.

It's time to move.

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