Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bloggies 2012

My adorable (you need to mentally read it in the French pronunciation here - ah-door-AH-bluh) friend, Pats, and I decided we should do these every year on our blog.  (That was a long time ago, Patsters!) Every year, I think, eh, should I still do bloggies?  And then Pats does them, and then I get all excited and decide what categories I want, who to nominate, etc.  It's just plain fun.

Pats gave me an award on her blog this year, which was an extremely pleasant surprise.  I usually win Best Commenter, but with my surgery, Ben's extended absence last year, plus my scanning job ending (There's just no more paper to scan.  And I used to peruse blogs while paper was being fed through the scanning machine), I haven't been able to be as good as a commenter as I used to be.  Lately, I've usually only had time to post something on my blog and that's it.  I've been a slacker.  But it's getting bettah oll the ti-i-ime...bettah, bettah, beeeettahhhh! ("Getting Better" by the Beatles.  I lurv the White Album.  It's my favorite of all the Beatles albums.)

But then she gave me the One-Liners Award!!!  Total, total delightful surprise.  Here is what she wrote, because I like to read nice stuff about myself.  Because I'm a Words of Affirmation person. (Read The Five Love Languages.  You won't regret it.)

One Liners AwardKar's Kith and Kin
Karlenn's blogs are so well thought out.  She is of English Teacher background and I wonder if she doesn't outline her posts before writing them.  They have such flow.  And they are loaded with great one-liners, zingers, and nuggets.  Sometimes its a song lyric or a well-placed movie line.  Sometimes (like a few days ago) it's just a phrase you haven't heard in AGES.  Like "Your funeral."  I died!  The blogger's got skills.  She also has really clever captions for her pictures.  Especially on the side-bar.

Ah, I blushed.  Thanks, Pats.  I miss you.  I miss our walks and our talks.  I miss eating egg salad sandwiches in your kitchen with you.

Alright.  So here we go.  The 2012 Bloggie Awards!!!!

Best Supporter:  Ken at Don't Be Too Laughy About It
Ken is in  my ward and is married to one of my favorite people in the world, Brooke.  Every now and then, he'll come up to me in church and say, "I just love reading your blog!  It makes my day!  Such-and-such post made me laugh so hard!"  And it makes me really, really happy.

Have I mentioned that I'm a Words of Affirmation girl? 

Well, I am.

So thanks, Ken.  And Ken's blog is really fun to read.  He's a good writer.  And he's really into comic books, something I never knew about him until I finally found his blog.  A lot of the comic book stuff goes over my head, but I like his posts about how much he loves his wife, and I find his posts about his new commitment to working out and eating right to be really inspiring.  Ken and Brooke are the BEST.  And their son, who I watch once a week for an hour, is a crackup.  For reals.  I need to write a whole post about little Sam.

Most Improved in Frequency:  Lex at The Scotten Adventures

Lex used to not blog all that often.  Because she's been in Physical Therapy School.  Which is code for Go Through Hell School.  But she's been on one of her last affiliations in Arizona for the past two months (!! Time flies...) and has time in the evenings to blog, so she's been catching us up on her life. I loooove reading her posts.  I love how she utilizes that crossing out thing.  Where you write something, and then show a crossing out of it and re-word it - Lex is the master at using that thing.  I need to be better at using that thing.  Maybe that will be my belated New Year's Resolution.  Use the crossing out thing more.  Lex is really, really funny.  Reading her posts makes me laugh, and being with her makes me laugh.  She's just fun and very witty.

Best Writing:  Patty at Patty.  Published.
Patty is a fantastic writer.  She's fantastic at everything.  I've often wondered what her IQ is.  She's good at math, writing, playing piano, motherhood,  gardening,  public speaking....  Anyways.  Every time I read her blog, I giggle.  She's edgy, but soft.  She'll swear every now and then, which I love.  She's a righteous person with a bit of edge, and I love that about her.  But then she'll also speak with candor and relevance about motherhood and womanhood.  She has such an ability to pinpoint feelings and emotion.  She can convey feelings with such accuracy.  Often, when I read her blog, I think, "That is exactly how it feels!"  You know that poem by Keats that says, "Beauty is truth, and truth is beauty"?  Her blog is truth and reality.  Sometimes it's harsh reality.  Sometimes it's beautiful reality.  But the way she conveys both realities is beautiful.  I don't know if that makes sense.  One of the things that I struggle with is being able to accurately express my feelings, but Patty doesn't struggle with that.  Reading her blog makes me want to be a better writer.

Most Creative:  Mindy at The Education of Miss H
The first time I saw Mindy's blog title, I knew I would like her blog, because her blog title reminded me of one of my favorite books, The Education of Little Tree.  Every time she posts, I get really excited to see what she's written.  Not only because she has a really amazing life, but because her posts are so dang creative.  Sometimes she'll write a poem.  She recently wrote an ode to her new covered parking spot.  It was a crackup.  When her brothers were on missions, she would transcribe the entire Mother's Day phone conversations, and I would laugh my butt off.  Sometimes she'll write an entire post in scripture language - priceless.  Sometimes she'll change the words to a hymn.  She recently changed the words to O Ye Mountains High to talk about the scariness of driving on ice.  I. LOVE. HER. BLOG.  And I love her family.  (My sister married into it, and they are the greatest.)

Where in the Heck Does She Get the Energy???: Megs at Crafty Meggy

Kay.  Megs, can you bottle some of your energy and give it to me? Not only does she sew a new outfit, like, every single day, but she also cleans and organizes like ten rooms in her house every day.  I cannot figure out how she does all of this and doesn't just keel over from sheer exhaustion.  Sewing is something she's just taken up in the past couple of years, and she has a knack for it.  Which is more than I can say for myself.  I'm a horrible seamstress.  Megs, when Sadie's in high school, can you make her prom dresses for me?  Thankssss.

Most Interesting:  Kathleen at Pebble Pirouette
So Kathleen and her hubby, Nick, moved to China at the beginning of last year - Nick worked with Ben.  And I got acquainted via e-mail and then blog with his adorable (ah-door-AH-bluh) wife, Kathleen.  Nick and Kathleen have lived all over the world for Nick's job for the past several years. I think I would struggle with that kind of a life, but Kathleen really has embraced it.  She's a good sport.  I loved reading about her life in China (and could commiserate with a lot of it), and then they went to Korea for a month or so, as well, so that was fun to read about.  Now that she's back in Idaho, I hope she doesn't stop blogging.  Because she's always doing fun stuff and has interesting things to say.

Best Eye Candy:  Julia at Chris Loves Julia

Ohhh, how I love this blog.  Julia and Chris are renovation/home decor geniuses.  I'm always so excited when they've updated.  Right now they're working on their daughter's bedroom and their kitchen, and I can't wait to see what they do.  Hop on over there.  You will die and wish that you were reincarnated as a piece of their furniture. :)

Funniest:  Josh at The Weed

Josh doesn't know me.  I found this blog on facebook.  One of my friends linked to it, and my curiosity was piqued, so I headed over there and was instantly hooked.  You see, Josh came out of the closet last summer, but he's also happily married.  To a woman.  They've been married for many years and have three beautiful girls.  And he and his wife have known he was gay long before they married.  It's truly a fascinating and interesting story and dynamic they have.  But my favorite part about Josh's blog is that he is really, really, really funny.  When you go to his blog, head over to the right-hand side, with the most popular posts.  Start reading those, and you will giggle and giggle.  He's a gifted writer.  And funny as heck.

Alright, I'm ready to hear your acceptance speeches/comments!  (Wow, then I'll actually get some comments!  Wah-wah-wahhhhhhh....)


Anonymous said...

This is such a fun idea!! Where the heck do I get all my energy?!!! Haha, you know me Kar, I blog about all the projects I actually finish on my craft blog, but do you know how many I have just sitting in my craft room??!!! Too many to count!! LOL I think I FORCE myself to get stuff done, honestly. Otherwise I would just sit on the couch all day long! :) I'm very flattered to receive this bloggy from you! You're too, too kind! I couldn't have done it without the love of my family and friends! And, of course, the "support" from my hubs! :) hehe

Ken Stephens said...

*Walks up to microphone*

Oh wow! I can't believe I won. With all the great talent I was up against it shocks me to be standing here. You all deserve this as much as I do. I guess I'd like to start by thanking Kar for something to do while I'm wasting time at work babysitting computers. Work for giving me the time to waste babysitting said computers. My wife for letting me be the twelve year old I am and still collecting comics.

*music begins to play*

Oh and all my fans! I love you guys.

*walks off stage*

brooke said...


Patty said...

THIS is what it feels like to get a Bloggie!? I cried. I want everyone to feel this way. All the time. I'm honored and proud and... totally deserving.

Kar said...

Haha! Loving these acceptance speeches! My acceptance speech on yours was lame-o, Pats. Sorry 'bout 'tha, as Hagrid would say.

Kyle and Shelly said...

I totally blog stalk most of these award winning blogs too! (from your blog of course!) I always get so excited when I see that you have posted a new blog post. It makes me feel like we know each other really well and then awkward things happen like zerbers on cheeks and things of that nature. Ack! Love your blog Kar, it really helps me through my days.

Mindy H. said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I was going to try to leave a witty comment, but there is no possible way for me to compete with Mr. Stephens acceptance speech.

Instead I will just thank you for being such an amazingly talented, sweet, and awesome lady, both online and in person.

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