Saturday, April 16, 2011

Basketball Bishie

Last year, my BFF, Pooh, and her fam came up to Poky for her son, Bishop's, basketball tournament. We went down to spend a teensy bit of time with them.

Same goes for this year. Except this time, all of our kids are one year older, we had two babies to add to our group, and we had two very relieved-to-not-be-pregnant women.

Before the game, I happened to be sitting by where the team that Bishop's team was going to play was hanging out. These boys were talking about their upcoming game. It was hilarious. This was the conversation I overheard:

"Those guys say that they will sink EVERY SINGLE SHOT. I'm freaking out right now."

"How do they know that? They can't tell the future."

"We're so screwed."

It was hilarious. Bishie's team really is fantastic (they ended up winning the whole tournament).

Cazzie, Pooh's hubby, coaches Bishop's team. There he is, on the right, with Bishie right next to him:

In the huddle. Or whatever you call it in basketball:

Caz is sooooo good with kids:

Some action shots of Bish:

Bishie always gives me this totally fake, weird smile when I take pics of him:

To the right of Bish is his friend, Deng. It's pronounced "dang." His family is from Sudan, I believe.

Pooh and I took the kiddos to the upper level stadium seats so that they could run around without getting in anyone's way. It was perfect.


There was a clear plexiglass guard thingey between the seats and a plummet to certain breaking of bones, and Mikey would kind of climb up on the little ledge that holds the plexiglass. You can see it in the picture above. This made the top of the plexiglass be, like, at his eyeline instead of, like, the top of his head. I wasn't concerned about him going over, but Pooh was freaking out about it. She is more vigilant than I.

Pooh's middle child, Judge, was borrowing a friend's cell phone to play games. Apparently, these games were fascinating:

Sadie kept stealing the cheerios Pooh packed for Marlo. Sorry about that, Pooh. I forgot to pack snacks. I had many Bad Mom Moments that evening.

Beautiful little Marlo:

Me and my Main Man:

He was just killing me. He wanted to move and stretch and arch and jump and lean.... it was like an all-evening arm workout. My arms were seriously sore the next day. At home, when he gets restless like that, I can put him on the floor to roll around, but I couldn't do that there.

Pretty Pooh (You can call her P.P.):

Ben thinks I should cut my hair like Pooh's. I'm thinking about it. I'm in a hair crisis right now. I'll have to write a whole different post about it.

Funny story. I finally had had enough of Sadie stealing Marlo's snacks, so I decided to go down with the kiddos and get snacks at the concession stand. Ben was taking action shots of Bishie on the court, so I had to hold Gage and herd the other three down there. Thank goodness Pooh was with me, corralling Judge. I don't think I could have added one more to the mix. Though Judge is probably more attentive (and obedient) than my kids. My kids weren't paying attention, wandering all over, bumping into people.... it was killing me. And it was really crowded. A man saw me struggling to maintain control, and he said, "It's like herding cats!" I've never heard a truer statement. That's what I do all day - herd cats.


Lyndsay said...

Hilarious about herding cats. Next time tell Ben to quit taking pics and hold the baby!!

Anonymous said...

Herding cats? Yes!! That's it!:) I don't think I'll ever take my kids to their siblings games. LOL Is that a bad mommy moment too? hehe

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