Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 14...

...of the 31-Day Blog Challenge - A TV show you're currently addicted to.

Oh, this is easy - Sister Wives:

If you haven't seen it or heard of it, it's a reality show on TLC. I'm so obsessed with it!!! It's on every Sunday night at nine, and if we're not home then (which we usually are), I totally record it.

Kay. So this man, Cody Brown, has four wives. He lives/lived (they're showing previews that the family moved recently) in Lehi, Utah. When I think of polygamists, I usually think of those fundamentalists who live in Southern Utah and have those pastel-colored pioneer dresses and wear their hair really weirdly. But these guys wear normal clothes and hair. I know they're an offshoot of the LDS religion, but I'm not sure what they call themselves.

I remember seeing previews for the show and saying, "Oh, what a pervert. That makes me so mad. He's using these women. And what is wrong with these women?? Do they have no self-esteem??" But when I watched that first episode, my eyes were opened. These people were so normal! These women could be my friends. And I didn't feel like he's a pervert. I really feel like this is part of his and his wives' religion, that they are trying to live their faith. They believe that this lifestyle is correct. They're just trying to be good people.

In every other aspect, they are soooo normal. They laugh and joke and struggle to make ends meet, just like everyone else. It's just that they share a husband. I couldn't do it. No way, no how. The jealousy would kill me.

It's weird - their vernacular is the same as the vernacular in the mainstream LDS culture. They refer to God as "Heavenly Father." They pray the same way. They have a lot of the same beliefs as I do. When I'm watching the show, sometimes I feel like I'm watching a regular LDS family. And then I remember that they're all sharing one man.

The wives in this show are fantastic. I really like all of them. They're good people. I think my favorite one is Meri, the first wife (she's wearing red in the picture above). She is really funny. But I also like Christine (blue shirt), because I have a lot in common with her - she stays at home and takes care of a billion kids and does all the cooking. And she's very down-to-earth. Janelle (brown vest) is the working mom who pays bills and budgets and kind of works with Cody on how to afford everything. And she's very chill. I really like her, too.

Pooh and I were having an animated discussion about this show (she is also obsessed with it); we were trying to decide which one is Cody's "favorite." We both think that his current "favorite" is his newest wife, Robyn (in the floral print shirt). Obviously. But I think his second favorite is Meri.

A little factoid for ya - Cody used to be regular, mainstream LDS. He went on an LDS mission. Then he converted to this faith after he came home. Janelle used to be mainstream LDS, too. Cody's parents converted to this faith, and so did Janelle's mom. And then Janelle's mom married Cody's dad! Very interesting.

Anyways. Sorry I've gone on and on about this. I just really love it! I got the impression that there were going to be a couple of weeks of reruns starting tomorrow, and that makes me sad. I'm interested to see what causes them to move - I know they were under investigation from the police there in Lehi/Utah. Sad that they had to leave their home and all of their friends. I wonder where they moved to.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this show too!! I believe they call their religion fundamentalist Mormon. I think they've said it on the show a few times.

I would totally not be able to do it either! I would get totally jealous and lash out at Mark and everyone. But sometimes they make it look like so much fun! Especially when it's just the wives! Wouldn't that be fun to have your best friends right next door? lol

I'm guessing they moved to Arizona. Did you see the preview of Cody showing their new houses? They look like an Arizona style of house. lol I can't wait for the new season!

lexykay said...

DUDE! i just typed a HUGE comment and it got deleted because i wasn't signed in. grrrrrr. i'll try to recreate it.
first of all, i LOVE this show too. i miss having cable... oh well, i don't have time to watch tv. anyways, this show is super awesome and interesting. i'm just enthralled with their way of life. the FLDS in southern utah were so mean. the guys that came in were SO disrespectful and would say the rudest things to all the women waitresses. i remember so many times i just wanted to shake the women and tell them that they don't deserve this. the guys would usually order for them and stuff... just didn't like it. but cody et al are a very different clan. i wonder if they go to a regular church each week? since they're a very different type of LDS i just wonder if there are a lot of modern FLDS in lehi or something... hmmm
anyways, other comments about other blogs: i think that bishop looks just like dyl but with darker skin. they totally pull some of the same faces in pictures. and marlow is GORGEOUS, she is just a beautiful baby.
that erase paste conceler i was telling you about it pretty spendy. but i only have to dab on a few dots and it takes me like 20 seconds. with most other concelers i have to gob and pile it on and it takes a few minutes. so to me, it's worth the cost. i think you can get it online... i got mine in boise at an incredible store called sephora. it's the most amazing store ever.
and i totally agree with your payless thought. it's not that much cheaper than other places!! i remember when i was younger i could go there and buy a $15 pair of shoes and get the next one half off. it's not that way anymore. they should just call it "pay." "pay shoe source." there's no less. by the way i really love dyls sweatshirt in that picture.
just so you know, i always read your blog, i just don't always comment. i'll try to be a more avid commenter. :)

Will and Emily Empey said...

I havent seen this! but I think I would like to!!! I have a bajillion other shows I am addicted to though :)

Camille said...

M-kay - I'm loving this show too. I've only watched a couple of episodes, but I loved the ones that I saw and Meri is my favorite one too. She's really an amazing woman to put up with all that she has.
I read that the moved to Nevada - somewhere near Las Vegas and they each of their own homes there. They don't share a house anymore. That should be interesting.

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