Monday, July 23, 2012

A Little Story Involving Poop and a Filing Cabinet

So my mom and dad take turns coming to my house every Sunday during sacrament meeting.  My ward's church block starts at 1 and ends at 4, and by the time Primary is over for the kids, my youngest two have HAD it.  There is no way they're going to sit through sacrament meeting.  So one of my parents comes over.  I have the two oldest find a spot in the chapel, I run the youngest two home (I literally live two houses away from the church building), and then I join the two oldest and actually get something out of sacrament meeting.

Yesterday was a little weird - Dylan is sick, so I couldn't take him.  But I couldn't leave him here for two hours until my mom was able to come over.  And I couldn't take the kids to church, but not be there in case there was an incident where they needed me.  So we played hookey, all of us.  And then I just went to sacrament meeting while my mom watched the kids for me.  At least I got some kind of church in.  And it was a great meeting.  I needed it.

So this is what happened while I was at church, feeling the Spirit.

Gage pooped in his diaper.  He removed his shorts, but his diaper remained.  Apparently the diaper was loose, because one of the poop berries inside (his poop has been hard lately because he refuses to eat fruits or veggies) rolled out of his diaper onto the floor.  Gage picked up the poop berry and put it into the top drawer of the filing cabinet, along with a flip flop and a sippy cup.  (The bottom drawer of the cabinet is full of actual files.  The top drawer functions as a catch-all for staplers, paper hole punchers, scotch tape, etc.)

For some reason, Micah decided to open the filing cabinet's top drawer and fish around in there.  He found the poop berry.  Luckily, he didn't put it in his mouth.  Knowing him, it might have looked like an M&M and he might have eaten the dang thing.  He realized (maybe he smelled it?) that it was poop and brought it to my mom.

My mom smelled it and yes, indeed, it was poop.

The end.


Kathleen said...

That is too funny! I needed that this morning. Hahaha

Gloria said...


megan said...

OMG!! That is hilarious!

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