Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Temper Tantrum Series

Like the Rouen Cathedral Series by Monet.  But with a toddler.  He was mad at me because I wouldn't let him tip my glass of water over.

He wasn't mad because he wanted to drink out of my cup.  I would have let him do that.  And as you can see from his red mouth, he had just drunk a sippy cup full of red kool-aid.  So, no, thirst was not his motivation for reaching for the glass of water. He just wanted to tip that flippin' thing over.  And I wouldn't let him.  And that made him maaaaaaaaaad.

 He tried banging his head on the floor for emphasis, and then got even more mad.
 He needed some loves at this point:
It's funny having a kid that throws a really demonstrative tantrum.  Each of my toddlers has done different things - Dylan would scream and run to his room.  Sadie would stomp her foot and fold her arms and stare at me witheringly.  Micah does a whole lot of screaming and running frantically from room to room.  This is my first kid who actually gets onto the ground and rolls and kicks and cries and hits the floor and, apparently, bangs his head on the floor.  I actually get a kick out of it, like, Wait, this really happens?  I've only seen this stuff on TV!  I'm sure in awhile it will cease being amusing.  But for now, I get a good belly laugh out of it.


Kathleen said...

You are such a mean mom for not letting him tip your water glass over and make a huge mess. How rude of you!! Just kidding by the way.

Mindy H. said...

He is a very passionate little guy, isn't he? My brother has a girl who can throw MASSIVE tantrums and laughing at her seems to be the only thing that can snap her out of it sometimes. Good work finding in the funny. Maybe he will put his drama skills to good use as an adult, become a big time movie star, and buy you a huge house as thanks for nurturing his talent.

megan said...

Tinian is the EXACT same way!! Sometimes, if he wants something and I give it to him, he won't take it and throws a fit!! It's ridiculous!! One time this happened and I asked Brynnan to give whatever it was to Tini and that was ok, but me handing it over was just too hard to handle, apparently. I really don't get it. I don't understand how it makes them feel better to physically THROW themselves on the floor and roll and around crying and screaming!! But I agree, it is kind of amuzing.... SOMETIMES!!:)

Aprillium said...

LOL when it does get irritating. Laugh... if that doesn't work, walk away :D

I would find it amusing too :D

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