Monday, July 23, 2012

Two Workout-Related Observations

1.  My cat loooves to come and love on me while I'm stretching.  She puts her butt in my face while I'm doing Shaun T.'s never-ending hip flexor stretches.  (That man loves his hip flexor stretches.)  She rolls around and tries to get me to rub her tummy when I'm doing that yoga-type pose where I always feel like I'm going to fall down.  She's so funny.  Such a lover.

2.  I jogged today, instead of doing my usual Insanity workout:
Yes, this is actually one of the things we do.  And when I say "we," I mean Shaun T. and his buff robot people in the background. I can manage to touch my knees, but, um, I don't look like that.

Anyways, after my jog, I was like, Dude, compared to Insanity, that was a cakewalk. 

I NEVER thought I would refer to jogging as a cakewalk.  Perspective.


Lyndsay said...

Ha! Good for you! I just started working out again (if you can call what I just did a workout, I feel like I can just get through the warm-up, and we are not talking INSANITY here!). But, I'm trying to do what I can for this baby!! Keep up the great work, Kar!!

megan said...

I wish jogging was a cakewalk for me!! I haven't done it at all this summer and I'm annoyed with myself!! Good for you that you're keeping active!!

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