Monday, October 6, 2008

Eating Puppies

Ben is such a cute dad. He was making pancakes for us a couple of weekends ago, and he took requests for shapes. Well, he didn't ask me. He just made them silver-dollar sized, which he knows I love. But anyways, he asked Dylan and Sadie what shapes they wanted, and Dylan requested a Mickey Mouse head, and Sadie requested a puppy. Soon, he had their steaming and cute pancakes in front of them, with butter and syrup, ready to be eaten. Dylan dug in, but Sadie just sat there, her chin quivering.

Ben: Sadie, why aren't you eating your puppy?

Sadie: [Bursting into howls] I hate to eat my puppy!!!

I just love how she said that, like we routinely ask her to eat a cute, fluffy puppy every day or something. "I hate to brush my teeth!" An everyday occurrence, brushing teeth. "I hate to take a bath!" An everyday occurrence, taking a bath. "I hate to eat my puppy!" It sounds like we're in the Addams family, or something - "Eat this defenseless, wrinkley, fuzzy pug, or you'll be put into time out!!"


Gifford Family said...

Can't believe you make your children eat puppie! What kind of parents are you? Kids are so funny sometimes! Hope you are writing all these things down for them to someday read!

Nat said...

HA HA! That's funny! Cute little Sadie!

Layton Mom said...

She is so funny!

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