Monday, October 6, 2008

Seven More Quirks

Okay, so Apes tagged me to think of seven more quirks. She tagged me awhile ago to name 6 quirks, and I didn't want to duplicate, so I easily thought of seven different quirks than were listed before. I am just that quirky. :)

1. I hate restaurant pancakes. I think they taste processed and nasty. I have to eat homemade pancakes or nothing. And homemade doesn't mean Bisquick. Ew. Along with this, I will also mention that I hate maple syrup. It's Karo syrup or nothing. I will seriously starve, rather than eat a pancake with maple syrup on it.

2. I am a voyeur. When we're driving around at night, if someone's curtains or blinds are still open, I totally rubberneck to look inside. I mainly like to see how a house is decorated. I like to see colors of walls and what kinds of pictures are on the walls and if they're watching TV.

3. I love watching What Not to Wear, but I hate fashion magazines. I find them really boring. So I don't know why What Not to Wear captures my interest. Maybe because Clinton and Stacy are so flippin' funny. Or maybe because I'm so horrified by the disgusting and crazy clothes that some people wear.

4. I am a matching fanatic. Everything has to match. Perfectly. (In fact, one issue I take with What Not to Wear is that sometimes the bag and shoes that Clinton and Stacy choose for an outfit don't match it perfectly. I know that it is an essential in fashion to give an outfit "a pop of color," but I still can't wrap my mind around it. Nor can I persuade myself to wear heels with jeans. I still can't get into that, and it's been in vogue for YEARS now.) Anyways, the matching thing drives Ben nuts. When Dylan picks an outfit, if, say, the green writing on the shirt doesn't match the green color of the pants, I send him back. My jammie bottoms and t-shirts have to match. My workout pants and t-shirt have to match. Seriously. It's sad.

5. I hate when styrofoam squeaks. It just drives me crazy. To me, it's like fingernails on a chalkboard.

6. I hate walking barefoot on concrete. Unless it's that nice indoor concrete that is highly glazed in cool colors. Or if the concrete has that rough combed texture, I can handle that. It's that smooth concrete, like inside of garages, that drives me nuts. I think I can imagine my toenails scraping against it or something. It's like the styrofoam thing to me.

7. I don't really like chocolate. I never crave it. If there is a choice between something chocolatey and something fruity, I will always choose fruity. My favorite candies are fruity candies, and my favorite desserts are fruit pies. The only exception to my general ambivalence toward chocolate is Black Dutch Chocolate Fudge from Sarah's Candy Cottage. Yum.

So there you have it. More Monk-isms. I'm supposed to tag seven people, but I am still on a Tagging Others Strike, so if you want to do this, I would love it. If not, then my feelings won't be hurt by your ignoring of my tag. :)


Nat said...

Dude, I'm with ya on the restaurant pancakes. A few weeks ago we went to IHOP for dinner for some reason, and I got an omlette (omlet?) that had green peppers and chicken and stuff in it. Two bites in and I was ready to puke. I need to stick to Eggs Benedict at breakfast places.

Layton Mom said...

I am also right there with you on the pancake thing. I have to make them from scratch. I prefer to eat them with fruity syrup or peach jam.

Mindy H. said...

I share four of your quirks, but the pankcake thing isn't one of them. I love getting blueberry pancakes at Smitty's in IF...ooohhhh and their German pancake with apples....mmmmmmmm. I guess I am going to have to plan a pancake run to IF in the near future! Thanks for the inspiration!

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