Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Moose Working for Buffalo

Okay, so I'm stealing this from Jenny's blog. Her brother (and my brother-in-law), Spence (whose nickname is Moose), works for the Buffalo Bills, helping them run plays and stuff. I just think that is so freakin' cool. He loves football so much, so this must be like a dream job for him, to work for a professional team. Anyways, he is in a video clip here. And, to copy and paste what Jenny said:

He's wearing a long sleeved gray shirt
and dark shorts, and is the guy
handing the ball to the QB, Trent Edwards
in the first half of the video.
You can see him 3 times. :)

Go Spence!!


Jenny said...

it's too bad brianna wasn't in the video on the sidelines or something. it would be so nice to see those two, at least in pictures. sigh. ny is so stinking far away.

Barnard Family said...

that is cool!

I am kind of a weather brat! I am totally complaining and it is soo freaking warm here. hahaha, I must have aclimated! You are always welcome to come and visit! Our citrus will be on soon...

Nat said...

I thought about doing that, too! I was like, Ooooh, I'm kind of almost famous because of it!

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