Wednesday, October 15, 2008

SPT - #14

One of my new blogging friends, Janiece, is part of a little blogging group that does this thing every Tuesday called "Self-Portrait Tuesdays," or "SPT." (I can tell these are my kind of ladies, because I love initials. I make everything into initials. Another little quirk of mine. I have many.) Every Tuesday, their ringleader, Lelly, "assigns" them something to write about themselves on their blog. I adore reading Janiece's SPT's - I'm just getting to know her, so I'm gobbling up every self-portrait. She is such an interesting person!

At one point, Lelly assigned her friends to write 100 things about themselves. And, over the last few weeks, on Tuesdays, she has asked her friends to expound upon certain things from that list they made. This week, she assigned them to expound upon their #14 of their list of 100 things.

I thought, heck, I've done the "100 Things About Myself" Tag, so I might as well join "Self Portrait Tuesday" this week. Except today is Wednesday, so I'm doing SPW. I'm going to expound on my #14, which is: "I love to buy interesting postage stamps."

There are certain things that just bring a bounce to my step, and those things are buying interesting postage stamps and buying interesting checks. I love asking the postal workers what their new postage stamps are and selecting some that are really cool and interesting. Unfortunately, the last time I was in, I had all three kids with me, and there was a huge line, so I opted to buy really boring Liberty Bell stamps from the little kiosk instead. So... for the last few weeks, no bounce to my step.

Maybe I should collect stamps? Since I derive so much pleasure from interesting postage stamps? I don't know... Nat and I were talking about collections the other day - neither of us really collect anything. Nothing is compelling enough to us. Except all of our family members have decided that Nat is going to collect turtle figurines. She doesn't necessarily like turtles or anything - it all started with Mom, who got Nat a little bobble-head turtle wooden thing from some exotic vacation locale, and it grew from there. So now she has, like, seven little turtles on her piano, all bought for her from family members who have decided that she needs to collect them. When family members go on trips, they bring back turtles for Nat. I haven't ever collected anything, because there's just nothing I adore that much, you know? Like I have a friend who collects dolphins. Another friend who collects crucifix necklaces. But I just can't find anything I'm passionate enough about. And though I like interesting stamps, if I'm going to buy something fun for myself, it will be clothes, cool decor for my house, or scrapbooking stuff. And if people are going to buy me something, I'd much rather it be a cool professional photograph, or an artsy sculpture, or something. Or a magnet for my fridge. Or a cool logo t-shirt. Something a little more practical and visual than a stamp that will get shut away in a book.

Hey, I've got it! I can collect books. I feel passionately about books! Good idea, Kar. Good idea. So, Mom, if you want to get me a souvenir from your upcoming trip, you could buy me New Moon from the airport bookstore. Then my Twilight collection could be complete! (Except for a gaping hole where Midnight Sun will never be... sniff... And except for the other hole where Twilight should be, because Nat and Pete "borrowed" it, and I'm worried that they have "borrowed" it forever!!) I'm not saying you have to buy me a souvenir, Ma, but if you wanna... New Moon, baby. New Moon.


Barnard Family said...

Oh my gosh we are totally online at the same time! Do you have IM? mine is my name first and last

I am online all day at work.

Can you see me???

Barnard Family said...

Oh, p.s. - I love that you read all my blogs and commented on each one. I miss you!
-yes, I almost always remember my dreams.
-I never win either, but I've never entered anything with my blog either
-you totally need to win a beautifulbarnards blog's all the rage and everyone totally wants one
-usually we are homebodies but my friend trish (you would totally love her) gets us out and more active. She is fun, fun, fun till her daddy took the t-bird away.
-the baby shower is a blast and we were laughing so hard i was reminded me of the good times we had in college.
-it was an interesting experience to shoot a gun but i still don't think i would want one in my house (i responded to this one in your last blog)
-and yes, you do need to vote! (again, check your last blog)

:) we totally need to get nevada and utah out of the way and squish Idaho Falls next to Blythe...what do you think?

Barnard Family said...

Ok, this time I am actually leaving a comment about this particular blog. I know, right...who knew?

Anyways, here is an idea for you. I like the stamp after it has been sent cuz then it has the post office stamp of where it is being sent from and the date. That is always so interesting to me.

Books are good to, except for when you have to move...then, not so good anymore :)

Anonymous said...

Shawn has his Dad's stamp collection that he started as a boy. Shawn has added to it but not for awhile.
Maybe I will do this jusdt for kicks.

Nat said...

Yep, I'm a turtle girl. Apparently. And no, we haven't borrowed it forever, it's been sitting on my "desk", and I keep looking at it thinking I've got to take that to her! So yeah, never fear, the book will return. Stamps...didn't G-ma S have a stamp collection? I thought I heard that somewhere, but who knows where it is.

Janiece said...

You are so darn sweet!
You have no idea how special you have made me feel today.
My daughter is in Argentina right you have any stamps from there?
I will trade you for making me smile tonight...teeth and all..(#69)

Gifford Family said...

My problem is I have too many things that I collect. I should probably focus on one, but they are all so fun!

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