Monday, October 27, 2008

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

So. As you know, I'm a huge fan of And Sue, the lady that posts on it, had the cutest ideas about how to use scarves in little girls' hair. I was sooo excited to try it out on Sadie. I spent my last $5 on some material that matches some of Sadie's outfits, and then I got out my horrible old sewing machine (it's still having tension problems, which is going to be an issue, because I wanted to sew on my Christmas cards this year) and worked sooooooo hard to make the cutest scarves, of the right width and length and everything.
But Sadie refuses to wear them. Tears them out, with much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Sigh. I would wear 'em, but my heed is too big. :) So they sit on my shelf in my bathroom, beautifully pressed and unused. Dylan tried to make me feel better about it by wearing one:

He's so funny. I think he looks like the girls on Fiddler on the Roof.
In other hair news, Sadie now refuses to let me put sponge rollers in her hair at night. So I need to buy a curling iron. I've wanted one for quite some time now, for my own hair, so now I have double the reason for asking for a curling iron for Christmas. :) At this point, I would outright, directly address Ben on this post and ask him for a curling iron, but the man has only looked at my blog ONE TIME. Because I made him. Isn't that weird? I know he loves me and thinks I'm cool, so I'm trying to figure out why some person from a Nertz website found my recent, totally long post that involved the card game, Nertz, actually read the whole thing, and then commented so nicely about it, yet my eternal companion, my soulmate, my best friend, can't even look at my blog?? Men are so weird.
More hair news. After trying to talk Dylan out of his desire to have a fauxhawk, and failing, I've decided that it's not that big of a deal. You gotta pick your battles. So I promised him that, when I cut his hair tonight, I'm only cutting the sides and back, not the top. We'll see how this goes. I think it's kind of cute that he even cares. It's fun to see what your kids like, as far as style and hair. Who knew Dylan would be a fauxhawk guy? And who knows what kind of hair Sadie will want in a couple of years? However, I will say this: if she ever wants a perm, I will forbid her. Absolutely. There are some things I can't budge on. :)
And for the last of my hair news, after weeks of shedding like... well, like Mia and Brady do in the spring (Mia and Brady are my sister's cute, very furry dogs), I finally went and got my thyroid checked out. Because that's one of the symptoms that your thyroid is off. I thought for sure I was taking too much thyroid medicine, because they had bumped up my dosage during pregnancy, and obviously, I'm not pregnant anymore, but lo and behold, I wasn't taking nearly enough! So now I'm taking a higher dosage, which means that the chunks-of-hair-falling-out thing will abate, as will the can't-get-warm thing. And - bonus - I'll probably end up losing a few more pounds. You gotta love that. When I first found out I had thyroid disease, I was living in California, and when I got put on my medicine, I immediately dropped, like, 15 pounds, and my friends were all muttering, "Maybe I should go on thyroid medicine..."


Ken and Patty said...

I have some material I was going to use to make a quilt- I guess once I thought I was a quilter. I'm not. You can have it, even thought Sadie won't wear them... YET! She has to come around sometime! Or you can make bigger ones for you. I think Dylan looks good in it. Hello, pirates? It can be manly.

Heath Family said...

He makes a handsome girl....better not wear that to school. :)

Nat said...

That reminds me of our Roadshow once upon a time: "Lunchlady lunchlady, make me a lunch, something I can eat, and please no pigs' feet!"

There was a girl that got Graves disease in our college ward, and we were like, oh darn, she has to take medicine and she'll always be skinny her whole life...

I'm glad that you won't be shedding as much. Maybe the "mommy hair" issue will die down.

Janiece said...

The scarf is so cute. What a great sport your son is!

Maybe I need my thyroid checked TOO!

Hope you get feeling better!
Thank you for your kind post, I am doing much better

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