Sunday, October 19, 2008

Multicultural FHE

Unfortunately, I'm the one that has to make sure we do Family Home Evening every week, and if I have taught Young Women's the day before, I try to do FHE on the same lesson. I'm often including flannel board stories and games and activities in my Young Women's lesson. (Young women just aren't into that "discussion mode" of spirituality yet. If the lesson says, "Discuss such-and-such," I have learned that a "discussion" entails me saying, "So, what are some characteristics we need to look for in the young men that we date?" and them staring at me. I feel like holding a pretend microphone and saying, "Is this thing on? *tap,tap,tap*... "[crickets in the background]. Yeah, so we do lots of games, stories, activities, etc. And I think they appreciate it.) So, because I have the games and activities already prepared, I try to use them in FHE the following night.

So, a couple of weeks ago, my Young Women's lesson was on how everyone in the world is our spirit brother and sister, that we all have divine qualities, etc. So I did my FHE on that the next night. I cut out those little linked paper doll things, and I had my family try to make each person on the paper doll chain look like they were from a different country, kind of to drive home that we are all "linked," even if we look different and have different cultures. These paper dolls turned out sooo funny, so I scanned them for your enjoyment.

Here's Dylan's. Sorry; these are kind of hard to see:



And Ben's:


Layton Mom said...

What a cute idea!

Amy said...

Really cute! It was fun to see you this weekend also. Sorry we didn't get to the games.
(Scanning tip- for greater contrast you can scan with a piece of colored paper behind the item.)

Nat said...

That's a great idea! I need to get more creative when I do FHE.

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