Sunday, October 5, 2008

Terrific Treadmill Times

Dylan, Sadie, and I had a little ritual every day this summer. I would jog on my treadmill:

Then, if both kids were good during my workout, I would let them each walk on the treadmill for five minutes. I instituted the "if you are good" rule after too many workouts that consisted of me having to get off the treadmill about fifteen times to 1) intervene during a slapping/scratching fight, 2) find a toy that Dylan was throwing a fit about not being able to find, 3) get a toy from Sadie that she had just stolen from Dylan, resulting in another Dylan fit, 4) putting in a different movie for Sadie, because she decided she "hated" the one that was already playing, 5) helping Dylan to figure out his computer game, because he was throwing a fit about it "not working"...the list goes on and on, as you can see.

And when I have to get off the treadmill, I can be pretty scary. When I get off and walk quickly towards the child I have to help, my eyes wide, my frown grim, and my hair sweaty and wild, I bring with me "all the powers of hell," as Malifecent would say. All that jogging really pumps up the adrenaline, and I'm pretty sure I could beat up, like, Chuck Norris, or something. I have to really work hard not to backhand the kids when I have to get off the treadmill to help them.

The kids want so badly to walk on the treadmill that they are now pretty good, most of the time. We still have those "get off the treadmill 15 times" days, but they happen less than they used to. And if I have to get off to intervene, no treadmill for them. I'm also brattier than I used to be. If Sadie wants a drink, or if Dylan needs help finding his swimming trunks, I just say, "Sorry, you have to wait until I'm done jogging." And they have to wait the half hour.

So here are the kids on the treadmill on a good behavior day:

Sometimes, Dylan chooses to have his cars drive on the track while it's going. He thinks that's pretty sweet:


Gifford Family said...

My kids fight to walk on the tread mill! I guess it is good to let them... get in a little excercise. It is also good that someone is using it since I am not! Hopefully after the baby comes I will be more up to it.

anjie said...

Think of all the extra exercise you got.

Lynita said...

That is so funny. I can just imagine how frustrating it is when the kids pull that stuff. Wait I don't have to imagine that, you should've seen my kids on day two of Conf. weekend. I thought to myself, this is totally not the spirit we were striving for! Don't you just love it when the kids are bent on fighting?!

Nat said...

You're so dedicated to running! I've GOT to get some kind of exercise regimen going!

Nicole said...

Enough about the look great! Way to go!

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