Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Megann's Birthday Party

Hooray for people's blogs that I can steal pictures from!! Last Friday was Megann's birthday (Dude, I still have your birthday card sitting on my dresser, Megann. Sorry...), and she invited Ben and I to a "chocolate party." Intrigued and very excited, I set about finding a baby-sitter -- my friend, Patty, kindly volunteered. When we dropped the kids off, Patty's all, "I've been so excited about this all day!" I'm like, "Are you serious??" I personally HATE baby-sitting, and always have, so I totally don't understand people who offer to baby-sit and then actually like it. Anywho, here are some shots from Megann's party. Here is the birthday girl:

With two of the many luscious desserts offered that night. I opted for the chocolate waffle, which is actually made with cake mix! It was yummy-yumsters. Then we all hung out in the living room and watched the boys - I mean, men - play Guitar Hero. Megann got this really gorgeous shot of Ben and I:

After awhile, the girls and a couple of their husbands (mine included) went downstairs to play Apples to Apples, one of my favorite games. Oh, it was sooo nice to be without the kids for a couple of hours. We don't get many date nights. I know that you're supposed to have a date night once a week, for optimal marital bliss, but we just don't have the fundage to pay for baby-sitters, or for dates, for that matter. So this was wonderful for us.

And cute Patty took pics of my kids while they were over there. Well, two of my kids. I guess Ken held Micah the whole time. Patty calls him a Baby Hog. That's how Ben is. If there is a baby in the room, it's his. He won't share. P.S., Sadie calls Ken "Candy." Not sure why, but I think that's pretty funny.

And Patty totally entertained my little munchkins. I cannot believe what a very involved little baby-sitter she was! She actually played with my kids! When I baby-sit, I'm like, um, go in the living room and play with my kids. :) Here is Dylan, in a fort he, Sadie, and Patty made:

And here he is, playing with one of Patty's magnets:

And Sadie, playing magnetic paper dolls. She loves to just play by herself, in her own little world:

And don't make fun of her T-shirt. My mom got it for her! I've actually never seen Hannah Montana before... and I don't really plan on it.

So thanks, Patty P. from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for watching my kids.

And thanks, Megann H. from somewhere in the East? for inviting us. We love getting invited to stuff. :) And happy 28th, you young thang. And sorry I can't remember where in the East you're from. :(


Heath Family said...

Well, you don't have to remember. I'm from the West...Arizona born and bred sista. I went to Rochester NY on my mission. Maybe that's what you were thinking of.

And dude, I better get my b-day card by the end of the week or else....

Play group tomorrow, 11am, 20th street park.

Janiece said...

I love your posts!
They always make me chuckle...hum...date night..lets see Kirk and I had a date night for our 10th wedding anniv. does that count...27 years later, every night is date night.

Amy said...

Yeah to babysitters, dates, and Hannah Montana- Erin can fill you in on that one if you like.

anjie said...

Oh, a date with no kids. I can't imagine! It's been too long!!

Nat said...

Dude, I WISH Pete and I could afford date nights once a week. Even when Arin babysits for free it still costs an arm and a leg to go eat or whatever.

Ken and Patty said...

People. People. Dates nights don't have to cost money. Play chess or checkers- or my latest fav... CRIBBAGE! Put a movie in for the kiddos lock yourself in the bedroom and "get away."
And Karlenn- I'll be happy to watch your kids again (no charge). It's fun for me since we don't have any. Give us a couple days notice. I'm in!

Barnard Family said...

My kids love hannah montana...I personally don't get it. But whatever.

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