Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hot and Cold

Gloria and Greg went down to Utah to our step-nephew's baptism, and they stopped here on their way back to Washington. They were only able to spend a day with us, which was sad, but we'll take what we can get.

They are such good grandparents. Very hands-on. Always playing with the kiddos. Gloria very patiently played Littlest Pet Shop with Sadie and Micah, for like two hours. I think I'd rather shoot myself.

At one point, they decided to play "Hot and Cold." They were hiding some object in the living room and playing - I don't know what the object was. I was in the kitchen making rolls. Benny took the following pictures. The kids had sooo much fun playing. Closing their eyes while Sadie hid the object:

Micah closed his eyes, too:

Saying "Cold, cold...":

Greg, looking for the object:

Then it was Greg's turn to hide the object while Sadie and Gloria closed their eyes:

Sadie searching:

Greg giving her hints:

I love that shirt of Sadie's. It was a gift from Brenda, Ben's stepmom. It says, "Girls just want to have fun." Which is also the title of one of my favorite eighties movies. Sadie's pants that she was wearing totally don't match that shirt, but we'll overlook that, mmmkay?


Anonymous said...

I love the pants and socks combo too:) hehe Hot and cold is a good game. I'm glad you had a little bit of time to enjoy with them:)

Aprillium said...

Great family FTW! I love that my parents play like that with my kids :)

Norlund Clan said...

Sadie is getting so big.

Lyndsay said...

I love it when Grandparents play with the kids! It's so cute and fun!!

Will and Emily Empey said...

I love that movie too!! i love awesome grandparents!!

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