Saturday, January 10, 2009

...And Finding a Christmas Tree

I talked in a recent post about that hilarious song, The Twelve Things of Christmas That's Such a Pain to Me, and this was the first - Finding a Christmas Tree. Luckily, we don't go into the wilderness to find a Christmas tree every year. We just pull it out of the basement. But setting it up is like freakin' rocket science. It's not color-coded, and we're too lazy to color-code it. (We still haven't taken the tree down, so maybe we should make some kind of an attempt to color-code it, like, with fingernail polish or something, as we disassemble it. And when I say "we," I mean "I," because I know I will be the one to do it. Ben and I are in a stalemate as to whom will take down the tree. And he usually wins stalemates, the brat.) Each level of branches is like one-eighth inch shorter as you progressively go up the tree, and it's really hard to tell one length from another.
I lucked out, because while I was at work one night, Dylan bugged Ben long enough about setting up the tree that Ben gave up and put it up. But he made Dylan wait until the following night for us to all decorate it together. I told him that I was just fine letting them decorate it without me, seriously, but he insisted. So here are our pictures from that blessed/annoying event.
Benny Bones:

Sade. Look at her cute new jammies that Ben's stepmom sent:

See that gold ribbon? It's new this year. We've had golden ribbon that we have hated for like eight years. It was never long enough, and year after year, we were faced with the same problem - how to we make this ribbon, which we don't have enough of, cover all of the tree? So we broke down and bought some new ribbon. Lots of it. And it was a whole $2. Why did we wait this long to fix the ribbon problem? I don't know. I'm just really glad we have plentiful ribbon with which to work now.
Dylan's usual bizarro pose:

And the finished product.

We usually use three strings of lights on our tree, and for some reason, Ben decided that one was better. I think it was way too dark. But Ben won that argument, as well. He's such a youngest child. :)


Gifford Family said...

We usually put like 10 strands of lights on! We usually blow a couple fuses doing it, but we get it worked out. I love your tree, very pretty.

Ken and Patty said...

If you enver take it down, you never have to put it up again.

Nat said...

Our tree came pre-lit. And it's three sections, A, B, and C. Super easy peesey. You should mark your sections. It turned out great.

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