Saturday, January 24, 2009

TV Land

Nat and Pete did this, and I tagged myself. :) They listed their favorite and least favorite TV shows, and why. I loved reading theirs, so this is my two cents' worth.

Shows I Love:
1. What Not to Wear:

Clinton and Stacy are hilarious. When they see their "projects" revealed at the end, with cute clothes, hair, and makeup, they often hit each other and gasp. So cute. I love gay guys. My favorite part of the show is when they do hair and makeup. Such transformations!!

2. Seinfeld. Whenever I see that a rerun of Seinfeld is on, I automatically go there:

I love that Seinfeld is about silly things, like "close-talkers" and not being able to find your car in a parking lot. Hilarious.

3. Pushing Daisies, which I'm mourning (it got cancelled):

It's kooky and Edward Scissorhands-ish, and I like it.

4. The Office, of course:

Such dry humor. I love the muted acting style that most of the actors adopt for this show. As Spence says, it's a show about uncomfortable situations. Which makes for lots of giggles on my part.

5. The show my dad calls, "Your Dirty Little Show" - Sex and the City:

Sorry. I shouldn't like it, but I do. Not so much the sex parts (and TBS does a really good job of deleting most of those). But the parts about the friendship between the four ladies, and their attempts to find love. It wasn't so long ago that I was in that same boat - just trying to find the right guy. It's a very relatable show. Except I can't afford Manolo Blaniks.

6. Medium. Oooh, I get so excited when I think about this show:

I love it so much. I love how she gets her impressions in different ways. Like, once, she had a song blasting in her head during the whole show. When she figured out that a girl was killed while she was listening to her iPod and jogging, the music finally got out of her head. Very creative.

7. Friends:

I love the writing on this show. Soooo funny. People in real life don't banter that wittily, but it's still fun.

8. Gilmore Girls:

It took me a long time to give this show a chance, and I'm really glad I did. It was completely addicting. The best writing on television. Again, normal people don't talk like that, but it was so fun for me to catch all of the literary and pop allusions they threw out there during their million-miles-per-minute banter. Oh, and Alexis Bledel is a horrible actress. But it didn't matter, because the writing was amazing.

9. Burn Notice:

I love this show. I think it's really funny. It's kind of like, "All the stuff that spies hate." Like, he goes off on this internal monologue about how much he hates those bags that bad guys put on your head when they drive you to their lair, because they don't want you to know where it is. At one point, he was like, "Have you cleaned this head bag recently??" And the cinematography makes me want to live in Miami. And it's a really good show to jog while watching, because you just watch skinny, buff people, and you think, I want to be skinny and buff, so I'm going to jog those extra ten minutes!!
10. Las Vegas:

Ben and I have been fans of this show for years. It's really, really funny. I adore the characters. And two of them just hooked up last season, so it will be fun to see what happens. And they just added Tom Selleck to the cast, which is all the more reason for me to tune in.

11. Cold Case Files:

I love true crime shows. Dylan calls them "Dead People Shows." I narrowed it down to one, though there are like four that I love. These shows are more like documentaries, and they are about real people and real detectives, which I think is awesome.

12. Arrested Development:

Another one whose cancellation I'm still mourning. It's the only show that makes me laugh so hard that I cry.

13. 30 Rock:

I fell in love with this show when the characters all sang "On a Midnight Train to Georgia." I was hooked. So stinkin' funny. Or when they did the scene making fun of Bodyguard. Classic.

Now on to the shows that I hate.

1. How Stuff Works, on Discovery Channel:

I don't know what that's a picture of. It was just on the Discovery Channel web page, under "How Stuff Works." This show makes me want to gouge my eyeballs out. I'm just not that curious.

2. Heroes:

Talk about a glorified soap opera. Nothing HAPPENS. Two characters talk, and they look meaningfully at each other. Skip to the next two characters. They walk through a field, talking. Then they look meaningfully at each other. Skip to the next two characters. On and on and on. I can't take it anymore!!
3. Family Guy:

The creator of this show is so creative and so funny with his references to pop culture. It's the blasphemy I can't stand. There was one show where Jesus was in a bar, trying to pick up on the ladies. Come on. That's just not right. Every time I watch this show with Ben, I feel like I'm going straight to hell. So I avoid it. If he's watching it, I go downstairs and read.
4. Eureka:

I think it's on the sci-fi channel. Stupid plots. Bad acting. Dumb, dumb, dumb.


Gifford Family said...

Oh, I totally love Heroes! I think it is one of those shows you have to start with episode 1 and watch without missing any episodes.

lexykay said...

when i first saw the words you hated eureka, i thought you were referring eureka's castle. oh man, THAT was a good show!!!

suzy Q. said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Burn Notice (I just started watching it and posted about how much I love it!) AND, I totally tagged you on this one weeks ago, but that's okay, I'm glad you did it!!! Isn't TV so much fun! PS: I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Pushing Daisies and am also mourning the fact that its been canceled!!!
ALSO: Did I mention to you that my blog moved to ?? If not, that's were you can find me, so link to that page instead of my old one!!

Nat said...

I agree with you on Family Guy and on Eureka. Ugh! Both of those shows should have just never been made in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I love What not to wear, Seinfeld, The Office, Friends, Arrested Development (This show is awesome!! We have all 3 seasons on DVD!:) LOL), and 30 Rock!! Mark and I recently fell in love with 30 Rock last year. It's so Hilarious!! "Cat Sound"!!!! It was so Hilarious that Liz said that! Haha.

I totally agree with Heroes and Family Guy. I kind of got into the first 2 seasons of Heroes, but now I can't watch it without thinking how dumb it is. The same with LOST. Mark and I only watch that show because we want to see how it all ends. Horrible right? LOL

You should check out Chuck. It's AWESOME! My new favorite show! IT's on ABC on Monday nights. Mark and I have the first season so if you want to watch it let me know:)

Ok, I'm done now! Sorry this is so long! LOL

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