Saturday, January 24, 2009

Casting by Kar

My cute friend Kara did this on her blog, and I couldn't resist. So I tagged myself, once again. You are supposed to put the pictures of actors/actresses that you would cast as your family members if there was a movie based on your life. Oooooh, this is going to be fun!
Okay. As Ben, I would cast David Morse, of The Green Mile:

He is big and tall, like Ben. And he's not bald, but his light hair kind of reminds me of Ben, when he grows his hair out. And he has a quiet way about him, like Ben.
Dylan's casting choice was tough. But I chose David Corcoran. If he was still young like this:

He was the annoying little brother on The Swiss Family Robinson. He doesn't look like Dylan at all, but he alone could capture the constant gibber-gabber that is flowing from Dylan's mouth from the second he wakes up in the morning until the second he goes to bed at night.
As Sadie, Susan Olsen of The Brady Bunch. Again, if she was still young:

She even has the cute speech impediment, and everything. Though I just read in Here's the Story that Susan Olsen didn't have a speech impediment and hated that Cindy had one. Interesting, huh? Susan Olsen also felt like the writers made Cindy seem stupid. I can see that.
On to my dad. Michael Keaton, hands-down:

I've always thought Dad looks like Michael Keaton. Especially in the forehead. I've had tons of people come up to me and tell me that, too.
Mom's casting choice was also tough. I went with Doris Day:

That's mom's smile, right there. Exactly. And they're both blonde. And Mom loves Doris Day.
To play Nat, the incomparable Amy Adams:

The porcelin skin and strawberry blonde hair are perfect.
To play Nat's hubs, Pete, we've got Steve Buscemi:

Pete was the one that first pointed out that he looks kind of like Steve. I think it's in the mouth.
For Beads, Angelina Jolie, especially as she is in the Lara Croft movies:

Brianna is a total bad-arse. Every time I watch the Lara Croft movies, I think, "Angelina Jolie looks just like Beads!" Brianna would have done such a better job with all of the fight scenes. Angelina looks silly trying to fight....her little stick arms flying about awkwardly. Brianna would have been the perfect choice. She can kick some major butt. She's one tough gal. And really pretty like Angelina.
To play Beads' hubs, Spence, Josh Herdman, who plays Goyle in the Harry Potter movies:

The first time I saw him, I was like, Holy Crap! He looks like Moose!! Again, I think it's in the mouth.
Lex's was hard for me, too. I decided upon Rachel McAdams, when she was blonde, in Mean Girls:

Long, blonde, straight hair, perfectly beautiful. That's Lex.
And now for me. Drumroll, please...
Christina Ricci:

She looks really great in this picture, and I don't deign to say that I look that pretty. I've just been told by a million people that I look like her. I think it's the big forehead and the big eyes. And this is my favorite picture of her that I saw. She looks like a ballerina, and I like that. I once even dressed up as the character of Wednesday (from The Addams Family) for Halloween, because she played that role. I'll have to upload the picture. It was a very good costume, I must say.
See how fun that was? Tag yourselves! I want to see who you would cast!


Mindy H. said...

Oh my gosh! How fun was that?!?!?

Nice work on your casting. You could really have a career ahead of you in hollywood...not that Hollywood deserves you. You are much, much too good for the likes of them.

I am going to have to do some pondering and then follow your advice and tag myself...this could be really, really fun!

suzy Q. said...

I would totally do this, but my family is so huge, I don't think anyone would want to read it! Maybe if I just stuck to direct relatives...that would only be 10 people...

Nat said...

Oooh, fun! I may or may not do this, because you already picked such good people for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Fun idea! I don't think I'd be creative enought to cast my family!

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