Monday, January 12, 2009


We go to the Bishop's Storehouse every other week, which has been such a blessing to us. I should devote a whole post to it. I will. Anyways, during the holidays, they give you a big old package of nuts. There are Brazil nuts, chestnuts, and walnuts, I think. It reminds me of my grandparents' house during the holidays. They always had a big bowl of nuts sitting in the middle of their kitchen table. I've never been a huge nut fan (except for those yummy cinnamon-glazed almonds that they sell in the mall at Christmastime), so I always thought it was kind of weird, having a big bowl of nuts on one's table, though I did love cracking them open for my mom to eat when we went over and visited them. Mom LOVES nuts. And I love her. :)

So we got this bag of nuts, and I put them in a bowl in the middle of my table, just like my grandparents used to, and then I realized that we didn't have a nutcracker. Ben remedied the situation - he got out his wrench. Dylan had the best time cracking them open:

I thought he might just open all of them and leave them there, but he gobbled them right up! The bowl of nuts only lasted a few days, between Ben and Dylan. Sadie and I didn't touch 'em, which was fine by us.


Gifford Family said...

My family ALWAYS had a huge bowl of nuts on the table from Thanksgiving all the way through Christmas! I loved it! I think I should start doing that.

Amy said...

Way to go Ben for the creative nut-cracking solution. We always had nuts too growing up. I always loved the walnuts. We would try and crack them so the shell was a complete half. Then we would race them as boats in the bathroom sink. Good times!

PS- Thanks for all your comments. It's nice to know someone is still checking my blog. :)

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