Friday, January 9, 2009

Ward Christmas Party

Our ward had a Christmas party a couple of weeks before Christmas, and we went. They had fantastic food, and then a little program. Ben snapped some candids of Patty and Ken:

Ken has lost like 18 pounds in three weeks! I need to ask him what his secret is... Because I'm SICK AND TIRED of jogging for an hour every day. I only jogged half an hour today, and now I'm feeling all guilty. I wish I didn't have to work so hard to keep my weight down. Anyways.

Here's Ken's E.C., Patty:

Patty needs to teach me how to use eyeliner. Her eyeliner always looks so nice. I think I have the wrong kind.

Anywho, then they had the kids go on the stage to wait for Santa:

Dylan wasn't in the mood for pictures:

But Chocolate Face was okay with it:

Then Santa made his appearance, and the kids stood in line to wait. Dylan was VERY anxious that he was going to forget the specific name of the Bionicle he wanted. He kept glancing over at me, and I would mouth, "Makuta Icarax." Then he would mouth, "Oh, that's right..." It is a hard name to remember. Here he is with Santa:

This Santa had an interesting take on the "rosy nose" thing. He had a dot of lipstick on his nose. Kind of funny.

And Sadie wouldn't sit directly on Santa's lap. She made me sit on his lap, and then she sat on my lap. I felt bad for poor Santa's knee:

Santa asked Sade what she wanted for Christmas, and Sadie said, "A toy." That girl is easy to please!


Angela said...

Sounds like a fun party. That is a funny looking dot on Santa's nose! You'll have to tell me your friends secret! I'll need it in about 5 months! You are so dedicated to your running! An hour a day is so long! You are in amazing cardio shape! If your treadmill inclines, I take it up as high as it will go and walk. It is a different kind of hard and I feel it in my butt. I've worked with some trainers and they say the secret it to do the same thing for about 2 weeks and then switch up your routine. It keeps your body guessing. Another thing they always say is to weight train. The more muscle you have the more fat you burn. So even though you didn't ask about it- there's my 2 cents about working out.

Lyner said...

Hmm. I am glad I read Angela's comment! I will have to try that. but that ward party was fun wasn't it! I love our ward!

Kristen said...

Hey. I just wanted to say thanks for coming to my party. My blog address is I love your blog!

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