Thursday, January 1, 2009


Ugh. Did you ever see the movie, Seven? I was in a rated-R stage when I was a freshman in college, and I saw Seven with a couple of my guy friends, and ohhhhhhh. Such a scary movie. But not only that, I just felt... like.... the presence of Satan when I was watching it. I'm not kidding. I will not go near that movie again. And I actually can't remember the last time I saw a rated-R movie. That was a tough goal to reach for me, but I've been going strong for several years, now.

Okay, so cute Mindi tagged me, and I can't see that I ever did this tag before, so here goes. I'm supposed to write seven interesting things about myself.

1. I have to pee right before I go to bed. It has to be the very last thing I do. I can't pee, and then read, and then lie down and go to sleep. If I don't pee right before I lie down to sleep, I lie there and think, "Do I have to pee? Naw. Wait. Maybe I do. What if I have to, and I lie here for hours, wondering if I still have to pee?" It's so dumb.

2. I refuse to convert from skiing to snowboarding. I know that snowboarding is "cooler" or whatever, but I put in years and years of effort, cold toes, and lessons into perfecting my skiing technique, so I refuse to try snowboarding.

3. I really hate baby-sitting. I always, always have. When I was in my early teenaged years, I did it, because I wanted the money, but then I decided that I'd rather not have spending money than have to baby-sit bratty kids. I still hate baby-sitting. When someone asks me, I sigh to myself and really have to work hard to pretend that it would be okay with me.

4. I like to drink Coke in the winter and Pepsi in the summer. I don't really understand why. But if I am given a choice, I always just kind of gravitate to whichever one fits my mood, and my mood is always Coke in the winter and Pepsi in the summer. My sister, Beads, thinks it has something to do with the difference in the fizziness, and being cold versus being hot... I don't know.

5. I always hated my arms until I had kids. I was a ballerina, so a lot of focus is obviously on the legs, and as far as arms, ballet makes your shoulders really buff, from holding your arms out to your sides, and up into high fifth position, etc., but I felt like my biceps and triceps areas were really flabby. In college and high school, I would try to do exercises to cut the flab on my arms, and nothing worked! But when I started having kids, voila. Nicely toned arms. That's one thing in which having kids does good things to your body!!

6. Suddenly, I can't make myself barf anymore. I don't get it. I'm not saying that I do this all the time. But, like, once or twice a year, I will feel really sick from something I've eaten, and I know that I will feel relief from the nausea if I can just throw the offending food up. So I do the finger down the throat thing, just to get the food out that's causing me nausea. And like I said, only once or twice per year. Well, I have felt that nauseated feeling a couple of times in the past month, where I know it's from something not agreeing with my system, so I went to the bathroom both times to barf the offending food up, and nothing. No matter how many times I stuck my finger down my throat and gagged, I could not freaking throw it up! How frustrating! So both nights, I had to just lie in bed, awake, nauseated all night long. Blah.

7. I think I have a talent for figuring out which hairdos look better on people. Other people than myself. I cannot figure out what looks good on me. But I can always make a quick, good decision on which hairstyles suit a different person than me. Here is my opinion on some people of note: I don't like Rihanna's boy-hair. It looked good in an a-line, but that's where she should have stopped. I think she looks too butch now. I like Anne Hathaway's shoulder-length new cut. I think it looks better on her than long hair. That girl who is one of the detectives on Law and Order: Criminal Intent - the one with red hair and all the cute freckles- she looked better with the curly, touseled bob she sported on Ally McBeal. Her hair now is really quite plain and boyish.


Lynita said...

Yeah Ryan and I think that girl with the short hair looks like she should be playing the part of Peter Pan! One thing about the nausea, sometimes a little Mylanta or Pepto goes a long way!

Nat said...

Yeah, I always hated babysitting too. I got paid, like, $3 for 5 hours, and it always sucked.

suzy Q. said...

I made bank in babysitting. I babysat two of my neighbors kids, one every Friday night, and one every Saturday night until I was 16 and got a job at a grocery store. It wasn't bad for me to babysit the same kids because they listened to me and I was like an extended family member. I still talk to those families, but whenever I babysat someone new, I didn't really like it. And, that is why I don't want to be a teacher. I don't want to deal with other people's bratty kids.

suzy Q. said...

Oh, PS: I changed my blog address to thought that you should know!

Barnard Family said...

wow...those are some interesting "Kar" facts. I have never tried putting my finger down my throat...It makes me gag a little to even think about it. But then I never really have had any problem throwing up! My body rejects lots of stuff :) p.s. I found Adrianne Thurston...she is on facebook. I will give her your blog address if you want

Gifford Family said...

Thanks for playing :) We are so much alike! #1-3 are so me also! #4 is close, However, I will only drink Pepsi if there is no coke!

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