Friday, October 19, 2012

Bills Tour

Kay, so I'm going to finish posting about our Buffalo trip, gosh dang it!  We've been home for 2 1/2 weeks now.  Sheesh.  Get 'er done, Kar!

So my brother-in-law, Spence, works for the Buffalo Bills.  He's the assistant equipment manager.  Which I think is seriously so cool.  I tell everyone about it.  I think his job is so fascinating. 

Spence took us on a tour of the training facilities and the stadium the day before the Bills played the New England Patriots.  This is the indoor area where they practice during inclement weather OR if they just need more practice on astroturf:
You see, the indoor practice field is obviously made of astroturf.  The outdoor practice field is made of grass.  They like to practice on both so they can be used to both.  Their field in the stadium is astroturf, but other teams' fields are made of real grass.  So they practice on both types. 

The indoor practice field had some stuff on it because they were going to do a boosters thing before the game the following day.

I had a good time tackling the tackling dummy:
 Next to the indoor facility is the outdoor practice field:
You see me taking off my sweatshirt - I kept getting hot, cold, hot, cold all day long.  Brianna said this was the first time she had ever seen sprinklers in Buffalo.  It's so rainy and humid all the time that nobody uses sprinklers.  Can you believe that????

The practice locker room is in the same building as the indoor facility.  Ben and me:
 We were kind of nosy and looked in a few of the lockers.  Get a load of this player's shoe size!!
We were impressed to see that the quarterback, Fitzwilliam, had some impressive-looking books on his shelf.  Spence told us he's an Ivy League graduate.

A CD (DVD?) fell down off a top shelf of one of the players.  My mom reached down to put it back up, and this is how it was labeled:
In case you can't see, it says, "Bounce that A*%, Vol. 1."  Hahaha!  Is it a burned CD of music, or.... is it a DVD??

I don't want to know.

So then we went to the equipment storage room.  They have extra gloves, helmets, jock straps, jerseys, everything.  We got to try on some helmets, which was fun:

And Spence hooked us up with some free Bills shirts, jackets, hats, etc.  He's so great.

Then it was time to tour the stadium itself.  Dad was in hog heaven:
This picture cracks me up because Micah does that same thing with his mouth when he's in really big trouble:
Ben and Micah look so much alike.

Mom wanted to pretend that we were on opposite sides of the line:
And then she surprised me by running into me:

And yes, I'm going to put these touchdown dance pictures up here again, because they're so freakin' awesome:
After the tour, we went into the Bills shop and got some souvenirs for us and the kiddos.  I didn't end up getting this hat, which I kind of regret:
What a fun thing.  I got the biggest kick out of this tour.


megan said...

How FUN!! I've never been to a real stadium before. That would be so cool!!

Mindy H. said...

Spence really does have an awesome job. I love how my kidlets at school, after seeing him on tv once or twice, fall hopelessly in love with his life.

I'm so glad that you all got to go out and visit Brianna and Spencer. They are so good about sharing their awesome world!

Jenny said...

loved that tour and the bills shop. i think the guy working there thought we would never leave. :)

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