Monday, October 15, 2012

CN Tower

So that huge space needle-type thing in Toronto is called the CN tower.  I'm not sure what it stands for. I'd like to think that it stands for Cartoon Network.  :)  After we got sick of watching the Blue Jays lose, we headed over to see if we could still ride the elevator up.  And we could!!

My ears were popping like crazy as we rode up.  I was reminded of, 15 years ago, riding up the Eiffel Tower.  My friends and I were in the same elevator with a bunch of Europeans, and then there was this little group from New York City.  As we were riding quietly up (my friends and I learned the art of quietness from living in England), the group from New York City was sooo loud!  This one short dude kept going, "Oh my guosh, oh my guosh, oh my guosh..."  The Europeans were rolling their eyes at one another, and my friends and I were like, "Tourists."  Haha!

The CN tower is the second tallest tower in the world.  The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is taller.  And did you know that Toronto is the second largest city in North America, second only to New York City?  That was something new that I learned.

This is the top of the stadium where the Blue Jays play, all closed up.

There's this glass floor on part of the top of the tower where you can kind of look straight down.  It's a little scary.
It was kind of hard to see because it was nighttime and the area where we were had lights, so Mom got right on the floor to take a better look.
 Spence and I decided that was a good idea.
Very cool.  I'm glad we got to go do it. 


Mindy H. said...

Oh Canada! My ... hummm....home and native land doesn't quite work for me. Maybe, 'my favorite mission land'?

I'm glad you all had such a memorable time.

P.S. CN = Canadian National (as in the railroad that forked over the money to build it) but I would support a change to Cartoon Network :-)

megan said...

That's really cool! The top of the stadium looks awesome!:)

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