Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jewel-Toned Thank-Yous

 You can tell from my walls and decor how much I love jewel tones:

 Yep, I have a purple couch.  And love it still, even after 11 years.
Deep burgandy, smoky plum, sunflower yellow, olive green...yummy.  I never get tired of these colors.
(Try to ignore the messiness of my house, mmmmmkay?)

I fell in love with some paper that incorporated these colors and just had to use it.  I made thank-you cards with it.  My sis, Lex, already bought all the ones that I made with this background paper:
 But I have several other types available on my etsy:
Don't these cards just feel like autumn to you??
 Butternut squash soup, cornucopias, fallen leaves...
 (Autumn is my favorite time of year, can you tell?)
 I think the ones that my sister bought up were my favorite.  Which is yours?

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