Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Sacred Grove

After we toured the Smith family farm, we walked into the Sacred Grove.  It was part of the Smith's owned land.   Quite literally a five minute walk from the house.  I can truthfully say that I felt the Spirit so strongly the second we walked past this gate into the grove.  Such a sacred and amazing place.

There were a few trees that were dead and hollow inside.  Here is Ben next to one of them:
 We wondered if it was hollow all the way to the top - it was!:
 We don't see very many mushrooms or moss where we're from, so we were fascinated with them:

There are remnants of stone walls in the grove:

A book my dad has theorizes that these are remnants of walls from Nephite times, that the areas where the Nephites lived and eventually were exterminated were right there by the great lakes.  Something I read on a placard in the Smith home was that, in these times, farmers would haul stones to mark the borders of their land, and then later build the fences on top of those stones.  So that might be what these stones are.  Who knows?

 I'm not used to seeing forests of deciduous trees.  Isn't it beautiful?

I looooved seeing the Sacred Grove.  So beautiful.

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megan said...

I went there when I was 16, I think. I remember it being so peaceful and quiet. It was very pretty. I love the nature pictures. I'm not good at taking those pictures. I'm glad you had a good experience there!:)

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