Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Curse you, pumpkin chocolate chip bread!!!

Welp, this morning was my weekly weigh-in, and...I knew I wasn't going to do very well.  I stayed at the same weight.  And the reason why is:
Yes, yes, yes.  One of my weaknesses.  I try not to keep things like this in the house, but I knew Ben was coming home, and I knew that this is one of his very favorite things in the world to eat, so...I may have bought a loaf. Or two.  And I may have eaten a slice.  Or two.  Or three.  Yikes.  Bikes.

But hey, at least I didn't go up in weight, right?  Inch-wise, I still did really well.  I lost 1/2 an inch in my neck, half an inch in my chest, half an inch in my waist, and half an inch in my thighs.  Just in one week. 

My grand total stats - I've lost a total of...
9 pounds
1/2 inch in my neck
2 inches in my chest
2 inches in my waist
1/2 inch in my hips
2 inches in my thighs

Can we say no more chafing???

Though I was naughty and had some pumpkin chocolate chip bread in the last couple of days, I really was good in my meal planning and cooking this week.  I've started looking up 500-calorie meals online to cook for Ben and I.  The kids won't eat things like quinoa or salad with goat cheese dressing, so we've been giving them corn dogs, bean burritos, mac and cheese, etc.  And I know that we should be forcing them to eat like we do, but...I just cannot stand making something and having it go to waste.  So expensive.  And they refuse to eat, and then they're starving the rest of the night and begging for snacks, and I don't feel like fighting that battle with them right now.  So for now, they get that other stuff (but I do add lots of fresh fruits, veggies, yogurt, applesauce, and string cheese on the side - that makes me feel a teeny bit better).

And by the way, eating healthier isn't more expensive.  I thought it would be.  I was pleasantly surprised when I went shopping on Saturday.  I think it was a little cheaper than usual because there was so much produce in my cart!  Haha!

The site I've been going to for low-cal dinners is here.  It really is a whole new world.  Sunday was my first time ever making quinoa.  I've decided that it's not that good by itself.  I'm going to have to add stuff to it next time.  I made a low-cal chili that was pretty good.  We're making gnocchi tomorrow night - another first.  And we're having a southwestern-type pizza with whole wheat crust, barbecue sauce, beans, corns, and fresh peppers later this week. 

It's a really different way of eating than I'm used to, and it's been hard to let all the carbs go, but I really want to change my eating habits for the better, for the long run.  Once I reach my goal weight, I'll be darned if I let it pile up again.  I need to accept the fact that I'm not the kind of person who can eat whatever I want and not gain weight.  I have thyroid disease, which means my metabolism is shot.  This is my reality, and I need to learn to eat within this reality if I want to reach and keep my emotional goal - not to cringe when I see pictures of myself.

So bring it on, goat cheese dressing.


cecily said...

Love me some Quinoa! Here are some great recipies, If you want to try it again.



Also when do we get to see the grand reveal. I'm talking before and after Picts?

megan said...

That's so awesome that you are trying to eat healthier!! Mark and I really need to start doing that, but I just don't know if we're ready to make the sacrifice yet. Where do you get your recipes from? I think my computer is acting up because when I clicked the link it took me to one of your other posts... I'm sorry you didn't lose any weight this week, but at least you're loosing inches!! That's what really counts!:)

Emily Zoe Hale said...

I go through healthy phases where I eat REALLY good. I am not currently in one of those phases... Keep posting about your health journey! It is almost inspiring me to get on board again!

Kathleen said...

Awesome for you!! That pumpkin chocolate chip bread is also one of my weaknesses. Can't have it in the house or I can eat the whole thing. It's not pretty, really. Keep up the good work. I wonder if Ben is missing his nasty Chinese food now.

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