Friday, October 12, 2012

He's Blue, da ba dee da ba die...

 Tonight, Dylan earned his blue belt!
I actually really like going to Dylan's rank tests.  I think they're fascinating.  It's especially nice when I don't have to take Micah and Gage with me (thanks, Mom, for watching them!).  I also like going down because it means I get to kick it with my sis, Lex, who lives down there.  We always get sandwiches at The Works and chow down while we watch all the kicking and punching.

Lex played with Sadie's hair while we waited for Dylan's turn:

Sadie got this bow from her friend at school.  It doesn't match anything she owns, but she's thrilled about it:

Dyl did so great.  He's a really good kicker, I think.  He has fantastic balance.  Here he is, getting his new belt:
That gal who's tying his belt on is very, very good at Taekwondo.  She won first place in the women's division this last spring out of the whole northwest.  And she has like three kids.  So cool.

Here is Dyl with his class:

There are some really, really talented people in Dylie's class.  It's fun to watch them spar.  The guy with the fluffy hair in the back just started out, but I think he's going to really go far in this sport.  He's fast and really intense.

Look at Dylie, the only one still in his stance:
 Haha!  His ADHD meds had worn wayyyy off by this time.  He was super hyper.

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Mindy H. said...

Congrats to Dylan! It looks like a good time was had by all.

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