Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Book of Mormon Publication Site and Spiiiiicy Wings

After the Palmyra Temple, we headed into Palmyra itself to see the original publication site of the Book of Mormon.  Brianna pointed out this one intersection that has four churches, one on each corner, all of different faiths.  Palmyra really was a hotbed of different religions!  Haha!

Our tour guide here was as dry as a bone.  My mom actually fell asleep a couple of times when he was talking.  Not kidding.  She had to go outside and walk around to wake up.  So that was unfortunate.  But it was fun for me to see how they used to print and bind books.

Then we drove back to Buffalo to eat dinner.  Spence was able to meet us there.  The place was called Duff's, and they are famous for their wings.  My favorite wings were the Jack Daniel's wings.  The sauce was very sweet.  My least favorite wings were the mild/medium spice wings.  Oh mama, were they ever hot.  We had ordered some medium spice wings, as well, and I stayed away from those.  Here I am, giving the thumbs-down to the mild/medium wings:


Aprillium said...

I wonder how many of those different religions are LDS offshoots :D

Mr. Heath said...

Oh how I miss buffalo wings....I mean real buffalo wings in Buffalo. I remember seeing he 4 corners in Palmyra. I can't remember the different sects on each corner though, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Baptist?

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