Sunday, November 9, 2008

Adventures in Bumboland

Ever since I saw this thing, called a Bumbo, at my friend Megann's house, I've wanted to get one for Micah. Her cute baby doesn't need it anymore, and she graciously lent it to us to use! Micah is still so little that he kind of drowns in it and ends up slumping forward uncomfortably - no, he can't sit yet. The poor boy is still a little delayed, but we're working on it. He has an occupational therapist and is on a waiting list for developmental therapy. Because of the whole "slumping uncomfortably" thing, the Bumbo is not his favorite thing, but he'll stay in it for about ten minutes or so:

I think he has the funniest head. It reminds me of this guy, called "Le Mon," on the facebook Lil' Green Patch application:

For you non-facebookers out there (and I really shouldn't call myself a "facebooker," because I seriously only get on like once a month), facebook is a social networking site, kind of like MySpace, and they have these cute little applications. My favorite application is Flair - you can pick from thousands of cute pretend "buttons" - like they wear at TGI Friday's - and you can send them to your friends for them to put on their pretend bulletin boards. Anyways, the Lil' Green Patch application supposedly donates money to saving the rainforests, the more of these little pretend plants that you send to each other. I don't know if I believe that, but whatever.
Anywho, we tried the Bumbo out on my very pleasingly plump neice (about Micah's age), and we had to kind of force her cute chunky legs into the leg slots. So funny. She looks so funny in this picture. I love it when Nat pulls her hair up like that. And I think it's great that her outfit totally matches the Bumbo:

Nat says Ivy looks like an onion with her hair in that little piggy on the top of her head, so for your perusing pleasure, I also uploaded Ollie the Onion:

And, of course, because Dylan is Ben's son, he has been having a good time with the Bumbo, as well:

The Bumbo, upside-down and on Dylan's head, reminds me of "Strawlicious":

Or "Jenny Appleseed":

Hooray for Lil' Green Patch. :) Hooray for Bumbos. (Thanks, Megann!!)


Aprillium said...

WE have a bumbo that my mom gave us when Missy was a baby.

I've heard that some kids love them.... not s much MY kids though. I think the longest either of the younger two ever sat in the darned thing was probably about 15 minutes. And that is TOPS. Most likely after squacking for a few minutes cause I had my hands full and couldn't get them out RIGHT AWAY (heaven forbid!).

Old kids on the other hand love them. I'm sure if I pulled it out NOW Missy would be WAY MAD if I didn't let her try to sit in it.... even though she would probably get stuck in it.


suzy Q. said...

Ha ha, that is great. Yeah, I get like 30 green patch plants a week...I just ignore most of them now though, because I don't have time to spend like 20 hours a day on facebook playing with all the applications. I should send you some Twilight flair...ha ha ha!

anjie said...

We have one too. Fun stuff. Try wadding or rolling up a blanket and stuffing it in the bumbo in front of his belly.

Gifford Family said...

Ivy loved her Bumbo. Then our nephew used it for a bathtub chair. I will see if Oakland likes it as well when he is a bit older, right now he is content to just be held!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to get a Bumbo for Soren. But, Shawn convinced me that it would be a waste of $$ to get for our last baby. But I think they are very cool. Love the plug for the Facebook Application.

Autumn said...

You are so funny! I love reading your posts. I wish I had the time to read all of them, or stay more in touch with you for that matter! Ugh, I wish we had 25 hours in each day, that would help. :)

Nat said...

Yay for the bumbo! That's a good idea to use it in the bathtub. Micah is such a little cutie! Ivy freaking loved that thing!

Mindy H. said...




I love the way your brain works!

Heath Family said...

LOVE the Bumbo! Best purchase I ever made for Libby. It took her a while too...not slump in it. Micah will get the hang of it. That picture of your niece reminded me of Libby. We had to squeeze her chunk-o legs in it too.

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